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What bags are good for storing Cosmetics?


Liquid and dry cosmetic products like eyeliner, foundation, toner, and concealer need to be kept moist and protected. These products are at risk of drying out and becoming ineffective. To ensure that these cosmetic products do not deteriorate in quality, store them in airtight packaging bags. We suggest using our open fill flat bags or flat ziplock bags with a window display. These packages allow for your product to be both protected and displayed well. These bags can be heat sealed to make them airtight, ensuring that your products do not dry out. Our open fill flat bags are also constructed of a non-permeable material. Our Mylar, aluminum, and poly-plastic bags block moisture from both entering or escaping from the package. These materials are the very best for holding liquid and dry beauty products.

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What bags are good for storing Makeup Brushes?


Makeup brushes and applicators have different packaging needs. These products are more durable and are less affected by elements, allowing you to use more decorative packaging. Our open fill or flat ziplock bags with windows are also ideal for storing makeup brushes. These poly-plastic window displays can provide ample protection and display. Makeup brushes need windows so that the customer can see the style of the brush before they buy it. If a customer wants a wide bristle brush, they should be able to see this feature through the packaging bag. Our open fill bags can also be heat sealed to make them airtight. An airtight packaging bag is the only way for customers to know that the product hasn’t been tampered with after opening. We offer perfectly sized stick pouches that can easily fit any size of makeup brush.

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