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What bags are the best for sports drinks?


A sports drink can come in both liquid and powdered drink form. Each of these forms needs to be secured from the elements. For the powdered drink mixes, we offer double-sided flat open fill bags. These bags are ideal for single-serving drink mixes. The three layers of material that make up our double-sided bags provide a tough shield against damage. We suggest using open-top bags for storing powders. Ziplock bags cannot be securely closed if the powder is present in the seal. Our open-top bags can create an airtight closure by being heat sealed. The tear notches on these bags allow customers to easily open the package when they want to access the contents. We also have a larger stand-up open fill bag that can hold multiple servings of drink mix. These bags feature a durable bottom gusset that expands as it is filled. This bottom gusset also enables the bag to stand up unassisted. Our stand-up bags are also ideal for display on store shelves or storage on countertops.

For liquid sports drinks, we offer specially designed bottle pouches. These bags are made of a non-permeable aluminum material that is guaranteed to not leak. Our bottle pouches also feature a custom spout design that can be easily drunken from and a secured screw-on cap. Our bottle pouches are made with a non-permeable aluminum that is specially designed for liquid storage. Store both powdered drink mixes that just require water to be made and liquid beverages in these packages. Feel safe knowing that the bag is guaranteed to not leak or transfer harmful chemicals into the product.

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What bags are the best for fitness food?


Energy bars, protein bars, and any other type of sports fuel will benefit from packaging that can keep it fresh and protected. We offer a wide array of food-safe packaging in various forms to best match the needs of your company. For energy and protein bars, use our double-sided flat open fill bags. These bags are made of a food-grade mylar material that is guaranteed to keep these bars tasty and fresh. Our flat open fill bags can be made airtight by heat sealing them. These bags are ideal for individual bar storage. The two tear notches featured with these bags make opening them clean and easy. Our double-sided packaging bags will protect your food from sunlight, oxygen, and moisture. For items like nuts and other multiple serving snack type foods, we offer single-sided ziplock bags. These packages allow you to show off your products as well as protect it. The clear or translucent poly-plastic that makes up the window side of these bags can protect against the elements while being able to showcase your products. Our ziplock bags use two interlocking plastic strips to create a reliable seal. These bags can also be heat sealed for an added layer of protection. These bags are resistant to the elements when heat sealed.

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