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With the QQ Studio Loyalty Program, you gain access to a variety of benefits and rewards. For no additional cost, you will gain access to perks like free shipping and our point program. Our point program will allow you to earn points for every dollar that you spend on our website. These points can be used for prizes like discount codes and coupons. In addition to purchases, you can also earn rewards by following us on Instagram, referring a friend, celebrating a birthday, or just for registering an account. Get enough points and you can redeem a prize. These prizes start at 5 dollars off and will grow to 120 dollars off your purchase.
How to Earn Reward
Register an Account 100 Points
Follow Us on Instagram 100 Points
Like Us on Facebook 100 Points
Review a Product 100 Points
Celebrate a Birthday 100 Points
Make a Purchase 1 Point for Every Dollar
Refer a Friend $5 off your next purchase
Being a rewards club member also makes you eligible for special offers and periodic gifts. Stick with us for a while and these rewards are likely to get better!
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