How to Package Dye Products

How to Package Dye Products

Recommendations for Packaging Dye

How to Package Dye

When choosing the best packaging for your liquid and solid-dye products, both appearance and protections need consideration. It is not enough to match the color of the packaging to the color of the dye. You need to utilize a packaging that adds the function and ease of use for your products. We value color at QQ Studio, so we strive to protect your efforts in spreading colors. With our abundant supply of packaging designs, every form of dye that you are selling has an appropriate storage vessel from our website. Follow me as I guide you through the different types of dye packaging.


Liquid Dye

If your dye is wet and wild, you need an impermeable packaging bag that can keep it under control. I recommend one of QQ Studio’s Matte Plastic Stand Pouch with Top Flip Cap Spout. These compact bottle pouches use a frosted poly-plastic that will allow the color of the dye to be exposed to the customer so that they can know what color they are buying. These pouches can be custom printed to have your company logo and information directly on the package.

Matte Plastic Stand Pouch with Top Flip Cap Spout for Packaging Dye

The best feature of these bottle pouches is the nozzle opening and the screw on flip-top cap. The wide nozzle opening makes it easy to fill these pouches with a funnel or eyedropper. The flip-top cap has a small circular opening that will let customers dispense a small portion of the dye to concentrated areas. These bottle pouches are great for liquid dyes that need careful and calculated dispensing. Use them for tie-dye jobs and crafting.


Bulk Powder Dye

The dye in its powdered form can be shipped and transported more easily. Natural dyes like turmeric, charcoal, and indigo, come in a powdered form that needs mixing with hot water. In terms of color and performance, liquid and powder dyes are the same. However, liquid dyes are more concentrated than powdered dye. A project that calls for one box of powdered dye will only need half a bottle of liquid dye.

QQ Studio® Half Diamond Holographic Stand Up QuickQlick™ Bags for Powder Dyes

We suggest our Holographic stand up QuickQlick™ bags for your powdered dyes storage needs. The bottom gusset on these packages will expand as the bags are filled with powder, allowing you to pack in more. The bags will also stand upright on flat surfaces, making them perfect for display on counter tops and store shelves. The reliable zipper seal on these bags allows the customer to open the pouch, remove the contents, and then reseal the bag to keep the remaining dye powder protected. The best part of these bags is the combination of the holographic side and the clear-window side. The window will let customers see the color of the dye powder, and the holographic finish will draw customers in with the hypnotic animated colors.


Individual Dye Powder

For smaller portions of dye powder that can be used for color sets and kits, we suggest using our long matte aluminum stick pouches. These colorful packaging bags will hold a small portion of dye powder that can be bundled together to make a kit featuring different dye colors. Make a DIY tie-dye kit with four bright colors that match the color of the packaging bags. We offer gold, blue, green, and pink colored version. These three colors can create countless combinations of tie-dye designs.

QQ Studio® Long Matte Aluminum Open Top Stick Bags for Powdered Dye

These bags are a part of our SlickSeal™ collection of packaging bags.  All SlickSeal™ bags can be swiftly heat-sealed to create a sleek and smooth appearance for your products. The two tear notches on either side of these bags make it easy to open the pouches after they are closed.  The thick aluminum material ensures that no moisture or sunlight will discolor the stored dye.


Dye Tablets

A popular form of concentrated dye powder is tablets. You can see examples of dye tablets in Easter egg dying kits. In the tablet form, it is easy to use the perfect amount of dye powder for your projects. Just dissolve the tablets into a cup, bottle bag, or dropper bottle filled with water, then mix. When it comes to storing these tablets, I suggest using our QuickQlick Bags with a Woven Yarn Boarder. These pouches look like a knit sweater, making them perfect for tie-dye products. The yarn-like exterior comes in six different color options, making it possible to coordinate the color for the dye tablets to the color of the package.

QQ Studio® Translucent Woven Bordered Design Flat QuickQlick™ Bags with Butterfly Hang Hole for Dye Tablets

The colored yarn bags are also a part of our QuickQlick™ collection, meaning they feature a reliable zipper seal that can open and close many times without ever reducing in quality. This feature pairs with a clear poly-plastic window that shows off the colorful tablets stored inside the bags. One last thing, these bags have a butterfly hang hole that lets them hang on wire racks, hooks, and pegboards. Put all these features together, and the result is a bag that excels at displaying products.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, one of the packaging styles that I mentioned solves the storage problem that you are facing. If you would like to learn more about natural dyes that come in both a powdered and liquid form, consider reading our blog about Natural vs. Synthetic Dyes. We also have a list of some of our favorite Tie-Dye patterns that you can consider trying out once you have your new dye packaging!

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