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Pick Your Printing Style?

We offer double-sided and single-sided printing for many of our packaging bags. These styles each have unique benefits. Read through the information for the two different styles, then decide whether you want to print on one side of the package, or both.

Printing on one side of the package allows you to put an eye-catching design front and center on the package. The other side can be a solid color, a clear window, or a translucent window. Other benefits to single-sided printing include…

1. Up to 4 color choices. Single-sided printing allows you to use twice as many colors as double-sided printing. With more color choices, you can be more creative in your packaging design.

2. Lower minimum order quantity. The MOQ for single-sided printing is 500, but we suggest you start at 1000 pieces to better test the market response to the custom design.

3. Faster Order Fulfillment. When only one side of the packaging bag needs to be printed on, the order will be finished quicker and delivered quicker.

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Printing on both sides of the package creates a cohesive presentation and a uniformed packaging appearance. Double-sided printed bags are associated with more professional companies and larger brands. Popular businesses almost exclusively use double-sided printed bags for their products. This is because of benefits like…

1. More room for product information - With both sides of the packaging being utilized, more information about the product and the brand can be displayed. The packaging can include the ingredient list, nutritional information, or product use instructions.

2. Display- Double-sided packaging will advertise the contents from whatever angle it is viewed. From both the front and back, customers will be able to see the product and the brand. This factor will make the packaging stand out and draw in attention more effectively than single-side printed bags.

3. Branding- If you do not need to fit all of the product information on only one side of the package, you can devote more space to a logo or design. You can be much more creative with the appearance of your package when you have more space to spread out the information. Make your logo as big as you would like so that customers can see it.

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