QQ Studio® - About Us

We are QQ Studio®, an online company based in New York that specializes in packaging for multiple products and purposes. Our goal is to provide high quality packaging pouches, storage boxes, and dessert packaging with a low order quantity at an affordable price. We serve a multitude of customers, including small business owners looking for packaging for their products and consumers looking for personal storage pouches. Whatever your need is, we have product packaging for everyone!

We put an emphasis on understanding our clientele. The feedback and concerns of our customers holds a lot of weight and significance to us. Therefore, for the betterment of our products and our company, we have gone through many changes over the years.

Colors & Sizes

When we first made our appearance in the packaging world, we had very humble yet ambitious beginnings. Initially, we only carried packaging pouches in three basic colors; black, silver, and gold. As time passed and the needs of our customers grew, we introduced packaging pouches in primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue. Then, to become a more competitive force in the packaging industry, we announced the addition of packaging pouches in secondary colors such as orange, purple, and green. Present day, we now have over 1,500 pouch models in over 14 colors, numerous patterns, and multiple finishes!


The quality of our packaging pouches has also been expanded and improved upon. When we first launched as a product packaging company, the materials of our packaging pouches were thin and lightweight. Nevertheless, we were still focused on providing our customers the best product packaging available on the market. To achieve this goal, we put our products through several rounds of rigorous testing to see just how effective they were. After the results, we decided to introduce new materials of packaging that were stronger and more durable. Today, we have multiple materials of packaging with various thicknesses to empower our customers when making their purchases.

Custom Printing

As our clientele grew, we started receiving questions about printing services for product packaging. To respond to these questions, we launched our custom printing services for our business owner customers in 2017. Whether your business is big or small, custom printing services can be of great benefit to you. We are equipped to print your own unique company logo on to your product packaging for you! This eliminates the need to tediously apply sticker labels to your pouches manually. To learn more about our custom printing services, please click here!

Loyalty Program

We are always looking for ways to satisfy our customers, so in 2020, we launched our customer loyalty program. Our loyalty program runs on a point system designed to reward our customers. Customers can accrue points through purchases made that can be used as discounts towards new purchases. Points can also be earned by interacting with our Instagram account by following, reposting, and hashtaging us. Customers can receive exclusive promotional codes as well! With the four different loyalty program tiers, customers can move up to different tiers by making more purchases which will earn them more rewards. To learn more about our worthwhile loyalty program, please click here!

Growth is important to us, and we are constantly thinking of ways to offer even more options to our customers through new colors, materials, styles, and services. We promise to continue to listen to the concerns of our customers to help guide us in improving our products. After all, our customers are at the center of everything we do and that includes you!