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Size vs Capacity

How are the sizes of these bottle pouches unique?

How is the capacity of these bottle pouches unique?

Our bottle pouches come in a variety of sizes to best meet your storage needs. We offer smaller sizes for single portion sizes and large pouches for multiple serving sizes. When deciding on the size to choose, be aware that the inclusion of the plastic spout alters the interior dimensions slightly. The bag’s width and height measurements do not include the length of the spout, so be sure to size up when choosing a bottle pouch. Our bottle pouches come with bottom gussets that expand and allow the bags to hold large quantities of liquids and gels. Their capacity is greater than in flat bags. Our bottle bags are great for storing liquid products, as well as powdered products or even seeds. For items that need water to activate, these bags can be filled halfway with your product, and the customer can then easily add the water through the spout.


How does the structure of this bag compare to another?

Our bottle pouches are structured to hold liquids. The plastic spout can be used to drink from or pour out of. Beverages and non-solids would be best stored in one of the bottle pouches. Compared to our open flat bags, the bottle pouches are easier to drink out of because of the plastic spout.

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