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Size vs Capacity

How are the sizes of these packaging bags unique?

How is the capacity of these packaging bags unique?

Zipper seal pouches can be opened and then resealed to preserve their contents. This makes the bags reusable. However, the plastic zip strip reduces the interior dimensions by 2-4 centimeters. It limits how wide the opening of the bag can expand. We suggest choosing a larger size when considering zipper seal pouches. The flat zipper seal bags do not expand as they are filled because they do not have a gusset. The interior capacity of the bag is slightly reduced because of the plastic strips, as the packages cannot be filled to the zip without the integrity of the closure being affected. These packages will be able to hold larger amounts of powdered material like flour than it could solid material like popcorn.


How does the structure of this bag compare to another?

Our flat zipper seal bags are shaped to hold multiple-use items while being compact and easily transportable. Compared to our stand open fill bags that have bottom gussets and no plastic strip seals, the flat zipper seal bags are better suited for multiple serving products. They can be resealed and hung on shelves or racks if they feature a hang hole. The stand up open fill bags has a greater interior storage capacity because the bottom gusset expands as it is filled.

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