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Why Packaging Materials Matter

In the world of packaging, many different material choices have their pros and cons. At QQ Studio, we provide a wide variety of material choices so that you can find the best packaging option to satisfy your needs. Read through our description of each of our unique material choices so that you can know which material will be the best for storing your products.

Lightweight Materials


Our lightweight packaging is less than or equal to 3 mils. These packages are flexible and move with your product rather than against it. Lightweight packaging will act as a thin shield that protects your products without getting in its way. Our lightweight packaging options include poly-plastic, mylar, and non-woven material. Each of the packaging options comes in a variety of colors and styles as well as different structures. Our lightweight packaging is ideal for storing solids and powders.

Our Lightweight Products

Poly-Plastic Material

Unlike the cheap plastic bags that you may be used to, our blend of polyethylene plastic is flexible and protective. This material is extremely lightweight, pliable, and will snap back into shape no matter what. When you wish to open these bags, the plastic will evenly tear and leave behind a straight line. Inferior plastics will stretch and create uneven rips. Our poly-plastic will open easily and cleanly.

Our poly-plastic bags also allow your products to be seen when stored inside. We offer both clear and transparent plastic options with different display options, as well as a wide spectrum of colors.

We suggest our poly-plastic bags for the medical and beauty industry, as well as the clothing industry.

Mylar Material

Mylar is a wonder material that is thin and flexible, but also incredibly tough. Our mylar uses three layers of material in a single sheet. This results in a low thickness, but high tensile strength. Our Mylar bags are puncture resistant and will protect against any abrasion or physical damage. Mylar is referred to as a metalized foil, meaning it is as strong as metal but as flexible as a foil.

Also, Mylar makes a wonderful food packaging option because it can keep food fresh for an incredible long time. Studies have shown that food vacuum-sealed in Mylar bags and then placed in airtight bins will stay unspoiled and even tasty 30 years after it is packed. This is because mylar can block out moisture and gases for decades without ever degrading or losing its protective qualities. If you want food packaging that will keep your product fresh, choose Mylar.

Non-woven Material

Our Non-woven material is soft, strong, and breathable. It has a great textured and crisp feeling when you touch it. These bags are constructed with fabric-like material that is made from long and short-staple fibers. The result is a thin and soft material that is unlike any other type of packaging. Hold our non-woven bags up to the light and see the different fibers used in the composition of the bag. 

Our non-woven bags come in festive and decorative designs. This makes these packages great for party favors and special events. The material is ideal for storing solids that will benefit from being able to breathe. Scented candles or air fresheners will be able to have their scents communicate through the package. For all these reasons, we recommend these bags for the beauty and craft industry.

Heavy-duty Materials


Our heavy-duty packaging has a thickness greater than or equal to 3 mils. These products are made to protect their contents like a suit of armor. Our heavyweight material is specially designed to be thick and durable. These bags will provide unmatched protection for your product. We offer aluminum, kraft, and rice paper packaging bags. These materials are puncture-resistant and capable of preventing any damage towards the contents. Our heavy-duty bags will act as a shield between your products, and the harmful elements of the outside world.

Our Heavy-duty Products

Aluminum Material

Aluminum is like a thin, flexible sheet of metal material that is corrosion-resistant, impermeable, and non-toxic. Like our Mylar material, aluminum provides a strong layer of protection that prevents all moisture, air, and foreign objects from altering the integrity of the contents of the bag. This makes aluminum ideal for storing perishable products like food and vitamins.

Our aluminum bags are especially good for storing liquids. This is because aluminum is 100% impermeable. Our aluminum bags will not leak or tear under pressure. Majority of our bottle pouches are made of aluminum because of their capability to store liquids. We recommend these bags for the food and health & wellness industry.

Kraft Material

Our Kraft bags use strong cardboard-like paper material in their construction. Kraft bags offer a classic paper bag look with modern storage innovations. Kraft has high tensile strength and superb tear resistance. These bags are stiff and rigid, able to keep their shape even when they are filled to the top with products. These bags will stay sturdy and ensure that your products are well cared for.

Kraft bags are all excellent and being printed on as the material absorbs ink easily. This makes Kraft bags great for our custom printing services.

We suggest using these bags if you are in the craft and clothing industry as they project a DIY aesthetic. Customers will be drawn to the vintage style that our Kraft packaging bags radiate.

Rice Paper Material

Our rice paper bags offer a unique textured solution to your packaging needs. Our rice paper material is unlike traditional paper, it is thick and protective. It has a streaky, glittery aberrance that is shiny colorful. When customers hold these bags in their hands, they will immediately feel the quality in our rice paper material. The texture of these bags makes them a unique and captivating packaging choice. Like all our packaging options, our rice paper bags will protect from dust and debris.

Because of the interesting design and eye-catching texture of our rice paper bags, we recommend them for the craft and clothing industry.