Choosing the Right Material

In the world of packaging, many different material choices have their pros and cons. At QQ Studio, we provide a wide variety of material choices so that you can find the best packaging option to satisfy your needs. Read through our description of each of our unique material choices so that you can know which material will be the best for storing your products.

Lightweight Materials

Our lightweight packaging is less than or equal to 3 mils. These packages are flexible and move with your product rather than against it. Lightweight packaging will act as a thin shield that protects your products without getting in its way.

Heavy Duty Materials

Our heavy-duty packaging has a thickness greater than or equal to 3 mils. These products are made to protect their contents like a suit of armor. Our heavyweight material is specially designed to be thick and durable. These bags will provide unmatched protection for your product.

Our Most Popular Material

Mylar is a wonder material that is thin and flexible, but also incredibly tough. Our mylar uses three layers of material in a single sheet. This results in a low thickness, but high tensile strength. Our Mylar bags are puncture resistant and will protect against any abrasion or physical damage.

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