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Our double-sided packaging bags have two solid colored sides. The front and back of the bags are identical. Our double-sided bags make the bold colors of the package stand out. We offer many bright and vibrant color options for our double-sided bags. We have matte finishes to give the bag a soft and sophisticated look. We also have a glossy coating that makes the bag look luxurious and glamorous. We have over 15 different color options on both the warm and cold color spectrum. However, each of these different colors come in different shades and gradients. You can spend hours browsing through all of our many color options.

Double-sided solid color bags also offer superb sun protection. The multiple layers of material used to construct these packaging bags act as a shield against UV radiation. Many different products across multiple industries risk being damaged by UV radiation. Food industry products are especially vulnerable to light damage. This radiation can come from both sunlight and incandescent light bulbs, which are commonly used in stores.

Double-sided bags also include double-sided clear bags. Our double-sided poly-plastic bags come in a clear or translucent display that allows the contents to be seen. We use a thick polyethylene blend that is noticeably stronger and more durable than a standard plastic bag. Clear bags offer a clean and fully see-through display while our translucent bags have a frosted, cloudy look. These double-sided plastic bags also come in color variants to give a tinted lens effect to the bag.

Another benefit of double-sided product packaging is that there is ample room for custom logos, stickers, and handwritten notes. Utilize our custom printing services to add a unique logo or brand information to these packaging bags.

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Single-sided product packaging has a full clear or translucent front. Single-sided product packaging has a full window on one side of the packaging. This makes these packaging bags excellent for displaying their fascinating content. One-sided offers a solid color for UV protection, while the other offers a poly-plastic barrier. Our single-sided bags come in a wide variety of colors and materials While the window side is always a clear poly-plastic or translucent blend, the solid side can be made with Kraft paper, Mylar, or aluminum. Single-sided bags are considered a duo-material bag because it uses two different material types. Our duo-material bags offer the benefits of both material in one package.

A benefit of using single-sided product packaging is that you can show off a large portion of your products and attract the attention of customers. This makes these packaging bags great for holding products that need to be shown off. Beauty supplies and craft products that have a strong visual impression would be excellent for storing in our single-sided bags.

The solid portion of the single-sided packaging bags is a perfect location for custom printing. Let the windowed side draw in attention to the products. The solid portion can draw in attention with your printed logo and brand information. The windowed portion can also be printed on to add an additional layer of design and branding.

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Designed product packaging has printed illustrations. We offer alphabet, blossom, wavy, botanical, jar, canister, and floral themed designs. These pre-drawn designs add a decorative and charming element to your packaging. Our designs give your package character, which makes them ideal for the beauty industry. The fun patterns will give customers a better impression of your product. These patterns and prints will stand out amidst the other boring, bland-looking packaging that customers will see in stores.

Designed bags also cut down on the stress of designing your packaging bag on your own. Creating your design and package style can be difficult and time-consuming. Our pre-made patterns make it easy to find a packaging bag with an elegant style.

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Our windowed packaging bags are predominantly solid but also have a portion that shows off the interior of the package. These windows are composed of a poly-plastic blend that comes in a large variety of shapes and styles. Our windowed bags can be composed of any of the material and color options we offer. We have kraft, mylar, poly-plastic, as well as aluminum bags that feature windows. We also offer ziplock, and open-top windowed bags, as well as flat and stand up window bags.

The great thing about our window style bags is that the bag protects majority of the products from UV radiation, while still having the ability to show off contents stored in the bag. This makes these bags great for the food industry because the contents can be secured from the elements. The window allows customers to see exactly what they are purchasing.

Another benefit of our windowed bags is that the solid portion of the bags can be used for custom printing. You can fit your logo and brand information around the window to give the package a unique and interesting appearance.

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Custom Printing


Each style of bag has its own unique custom printing requirements and benefits. Our double-sided bags allow both sides of the bag to be printed on. This gives you ample room to place your logo, brand information, and any other design you would like to make your product stand out.

Our single sided bags can have designs printed on both the solid and clear portion of the package. However, printing on the window sided cuts down on the amount of visible space. The window side printing can also not be as bold and vibrant as solid side printing. Printing on the solid side will have consistent and reliable results.

Designed style bags do not need custom printing since they already have decorative elements on them. We have designed these bags for you. The benefit of predesigned bags is they are guaranteed to be visually appealing. These designs have been made specifically to draw in customers' attention. Our wide selection of designs gives you the many options to choose from. 

Our windowed style bags can have the solid portions printed on. The window on these packaging bags is ideal for showing the customer the contents. The solid portions of the bags can then be used to create visually compelling designs.

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