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Composition & Benefits

What is Poly-Plastic made of?

What are the strengths of Poly-Plastic?

Our poly-plastic bags offer a unique and innovative plastic blend to best satisfy the needs of our customers. Our poly bags use a combination of Methoxy propylamine (MOPA) for the other layer and polyethylene (PE) film for the inner layers. This combination of materials results in a strong and food-safe plastic packaging bag. Poly-plastic has multiple strengths that make it the ideal packaging bag. First, it is thin and lightweight. Some of our poly-plastic bags can be as thin as 2.75 mils thick. Despite its thinness, our plastic is durable and strong. When these bags are bent, they will return to their original shape afterward. Our poly-plastic bags will also open cleanly when torn along the tear notches.


What is Poly-Plastic packaging best used for?

Our poly-plastic is beneficial to any industry that needs a reliable plastic packaging. This includes food industries that wish to have their products be visible from the outside. We also suggest our poly-plastic bags for the jewelry and clothing industry.

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