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Take a look up at the menu bar and see the different menu options that you can use to help sort through our vast resources of information. If you want to see which bags are good for a particular industry, go to the shop by industry section. If you are interested in the package's shape or texture, browse the shop by structure tab. For color and type, see the shop by style section. For packages that are similar in style browse through our different collections. We offer custom printing on all of our bags, simply follow the steps listed on that page. For discounts see the sale section, and for information on a diverse ray of topics, see our blog section.

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Our listings are structured as follows, title, price, and size. The title includes packaging design, color, type, and material. For example, Black Matte Mylar Flat Zipper Bag. The other portion is the price, which is determined based on the quantity of bags you are purchasing. We offer discounts for bulk orders. Finally, the bottom of the listing shows the size of the package. Many of our packages have a variety of size choices to choose from.

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