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Size vs Capacity

How are the sizes of these packages unique?

How is the capacity of these packages unique?

Our stand up zipper seal bags is the best bag for larger sized products that need to be resealed. The zipper seal allows the bag to be resealed, and the bottom gusset expands to increase the bag's width. This also allows the bags to sit upright. However, the zipper seal reduces the interior size slightly, by around 2-4 centimeters. The bottom gusset on our stand up zipper seal bags enables the pouches to hold larger quantities of products because the bag expands as it is filled. The bags can hold more powdered material like coffee grounds than it can solid material like coffee beans. Powdered materials will compress into themselves while solid materials will not.


How does the structure of this bag compare to another?

Our stand-up zipper seal bags are structured to hold products while sitting upright on counters and shelves. The plastic zip seals enable multiple serving items, where portions are removed and then the bag is resealed. Compared to a flat open fill bag that lacks the bottom gusset and plastic seals, the standup zipper bags are better suited for holding greater amounts of products.

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