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Composition & Benefits

What is Kraft Paper made of?

What are the strengths of Kraft Paper?

Our Kraft bags have the look and feel of paper but the protective capabilities of stronger materials. Our kraft bags have multiple layers to them, some are lined with Mylar, while others have a polyethylene interior coating. For our Mylar lined kraft bags, they have four layers of material. There is an outer layer of MOPP, or mono-oriented polypropylene, a middle layer with recycled paper, another middle layer of VMPET film or vacuum aluminum plating method film, and an inner layer of polyethylene. For our poly-plastic lined kraft bags, this composition is similar, but with a middle layer of polyethylene instead of VMPET. Our kraft bags are can be up to 5.5 mils thick. This means that Kraft paper is one of our heavyweight materials. These are rigid and stiff bags that will hold their shape. They are also able to project a vintage look, despite their use of modern packaging technology. Kraft paper is also great at receiving ink. You can use custom printing services to cleanly print your companies’ information onto our kraft bags.


What is Kraft Paper packaging best used for?

Kraft paper is ideal for storing craft products. Its paper aesthetic matches the DIY industry. However, the protections our Kraft bags offer makes it possible to use these bags for the food industry. Popcorn, nuts, and other snack foods would be right at home in our multicolored paper bags.

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