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We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of product packaging because we understand the needs of our clientele. Different products and unique purposes call for specific kinds of product packaging, so we currently offer eight types of product packaging. However, we are constantly developing new products to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers.

The variety of product packaging that we have now provides numerous choices. The packaging we will have in the future will expand on these options. With our abundant size options, we make it possible to store different portions and serving sizes. With our many material types we make it possible to store any kind of products, including liquid, powder, and solid material. When you shop at QQ Studio, you will not be limited by our product offerings. Instead of settling for subpar packaging, we allow you to make your own decisions so you can find the best product packaging for your needs.

Our Most Popular Product Types

Flat Open Fill Bags

Single-use open-top pouches have an unsealed open end that requires heat sealing.

Once the open top is heat sealed with an impulse heat sealer, the pouch will have an airtight closure that will provide long-lasting protection for your products from moisture and gases. Your products will be kept fresher for longer in these pouches.

Tip: These flat open fill pouches are great for storing product samples or single servings of products. We recommend these bags for items like candy bars, powdered coffee or drink mixes, glitter, and samples for beauty products

Flat Ziplock Bags

Reusable flat ziplock pouches have two strong interlocking plastic strips that provide a secure closure that can be opened and closed multiple times.

This reliable closure makes these pouches resealable, so customers can store the remainder of your product in the pouch for a later time. Your products will be protected in these pouches even after it has been opened. Our ziplock bags also come with the ability to be heat sealed for an added layer of protection. Once heat sealed, these bags will be airtight and waterproof.

Tip: These flat ziplock pouches are great for storing multiple servings of a product. We recommend products like trail mix or nuts, chewing gum, art supplies, and vitamins.

Stand Open Fill Bags

Stand-up open top pouches have an unsealed opening at the top of the pouch and a bottom gusset.

Heat seal the unsealed opening to prevent damaging external elements from entering the pouch. After you fill the pouch, the bottom gusset will enlarge so it can sit on hard surfaces. This gusset is capable of holding large quantities of materials without tearing. The gusset also enables the bag to be stood upright for display on shelves and counters.

Tip: These stand open fill pouches are great for storing large single use products. We suggest items such as electronic accessories and fitness accessories.

Stand Ziplock Bags

Stand-up ziplock pouches have a resealable zipper closure and a bottom gusset.

When these pouches are filled, the bottom gusset expands, allowing the pouch to stand up on its own. Not only will theses bags stand up, they will stand out. On store shelves or counter tops, these bags will stand tall and grab attention from anyone that sees them.

Tip: These stand Ziplock pouches are great for storing large portions. We suggest products such as pet food, coffee beans, tea leaves, and cereals.

Our New Product Types

Side Gusset Bags

Side gusset pouches have a flat bottom and expandable side gussets.

Fill these pouches with your products and watch it swell in size. Like all our bags with bottom gussets, it is possible for these pouches to stand on store shelves on their own. However, this bag also features side gussets. The side gussets provide extra space to the interior of the product, increasing their fill capacity. These bags are designed to prevent bulging and swelling of the bag. Your products will be secured and look presentable in these pouches.

Tip: These side gusset pouches are great for storing dry food products like cookies or biscuits. Also, items like nuts, dried fruits, and gardening seeds.

Self-Adhesive Bags

Favor bags have charming printed designs and a self-adhesive closure.

Store your product inside the bag and securely close it with its self-adhesive seal. These bags also feature charming designs on the clear plastic material that will make your products look even more attractive to customers. Like all of our packaging options, these bags provide unmatched protection for the stored product.

Tip: These self-adhesive bags are great for storing single servings of items for festivities and events. We suggest using these bags to hold confectionery products and desserts for weddings or birthdays.

Bottle Pouches

Bottle pouches have a spout, secure screw cap, and a bottom gusset. Several of our bottle pouches also include hang holes.

Fill the pouch through the spout opening with the aid of a funnel and then screw on its bottle cap. These bags are specially designed to hold liquid products. They can be easily drunken from or have their contents poured into another container. The bottom gusset will support the weight of your liquids while allowing them to stand up right. Your liquid products will be safe in these leak-proof pouches.

Tip: These bottle pouches are great for storing liquid and other viscous products. This includes beverages, shampoo, conditioner, or soaps & detergent.

Favor Boxes

Our storage boxes have a two-tab tuck closure and colorful patterns that can all be paired with bags that have matching designs.

Store your products, wrapped or unwrapped, in these storage boxes to sell them as a set. The lovely patterns on the storage boxes will have customers admiring your product and its packaging. The thick cardboard is capable of protecting the box's contents from abrasion, dust, or debris.

Tip: These favor boxes are great for storing multiple single servings of products or for holding multiple bags with matching designs. We recommend these boxes for items like arts & craft supplies, jewelry, and confectionaries.

Filter Bags

Our tea filter bags are constructed with porous materials to allow the juices, scents, and flavors of the items held within to be transfused out.  The mesh material makes these satchels ideal for holding tea leaves for steeping, spices for cooking, and potpourri for odor elimination. The food-safe BPA free material will ensure clean tastes and fragrant aromas.

Another unique aspect of our tea filter bags is the drawstring closure. These bags can be efficiently shut by pulling on the drawstring and tying a knot. The sturdy twine will keep the satchels held together in environments like boiling water.

Tip- These bags are great for holding loose leaf tea and ground tea, but also whole spices. Tie the drawstring to the pot handle, and soak the spice-filled bag in the broth to infuse the perfect amount of flavor. Also, try placing dried flowers and potpourri in these bags and placing the pouch in a room to brighten the smell.