1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview

1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview

1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview

1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview

At QQ Studio, we love to follow the journey of our customers’ businesses. EverythingSmells is a craft business that specializes in scented stickers, erasers, pencils, and other supplies. I had the privilege of talking with the owner of the company, Danielle Riniker, about how her business got started and where she plans to take it in the future. What intrigued me the most about her company is the nostalgic feeling that’s attached to her products. Based on the interview and doing my own research on the company, it’s clear that Riniker wears her heart on her sleeve. There’s no doubt that she thrives off doing what she loves and making people happy. Not only do I find this admirable, but it also gives me great joy in highlighting a business with genuine intent. 

On the “about us” section of her website, everythingsmells.com, Danielle notes, “I have survived breast cancer 3 times. I love what I do, what I sell, and still get excited when I find new scented products to offer you. Every which way I look from my desk is a sticker rack. And having grown up in the 80's I can't think of a better view. My business model has always been to sell products I love, that I can stand behind. To treat customers the way I'd like to be treated.” It’s clear that Danielle is a strong, dedicated woman who knows what she wants. From surviving breast cancer to executing a successful business plan, there’s a lot that can be taken from her story. Now, let’s dive into the interview, shall we?


How did you get started in the sticker business?

Riniker: “I started selling scratch & sniff stickers in 2003, as well as other scented products. I was born in the late 70's, so I grew up collecting scented stickers, scented erasers, scented pencils and toys. I wanted to sell products I love, so that is how EverythingSmells was born.” 

1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview

I always find it interesting to know what inspired business owners to promote a certain type of product. Remembering hobbies that you used to love and turning them into your own business is a commendable recipe for success. They say if you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life!

When I asked Riniker if she plans to expand her selection in the near future, she responded, “I am always adding new products to my online store. And I have 22 new Scratch & Sniff Stickers from my ‘Bringing Back the 80's’ line launching this year!” This speaks directly to that nostalgic feeling I was talking about. EverythingSmells certainly doesn’t shy away from taking customers back in time. This upcoming line will especially appeal to those who grew up during the 80’s era.

Next, I wanted to ask Riniker about the marketing side of her business. When asked about how she has been able to market EverythingSmells the best, she replied, “Instagram has been a great way to engage with my customers. And email marketing still works for me. I talk to my customers the way I would a friend. They love what I love, so it's easy to relate.” This is something that all businesses can take away too. There’s a human element of marketing that often gets overlooked. When you interact with customers in a personal way, your brand has the potential to become more likeable.


1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview

How did you come up with the name and logo for your company?

Riniker: “I knew I wanted to sell only scented products so the name EverythingSmells came easy. I remember running to my computer to see if the website was available and bought the URL before I had any real idea what I was going to sell. My logo is named Sniffy and I recently had him upgraded to wear roller skates to match the 80's vibe of my company.”

Sometimes genius ideas are the ones that are right in front of you! EverythingSmells is a name that rolls off the tongue and suits the brand. As for the logo, the updated design is friendly and inviting for customers.

1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview


What has been the most rewarding part about running your business?

Riniker: “I absolutely love coming up with new sticker ideas for my Bringing Back The 80's line and planning the monthly themes/stickers for my Scratch & Sniff Sticker Club. Helping customers tap into their childhood nostalgia is very rewarding.”

There are two key aspects of the business that Riniker mentions here. For one, there’s nothing like getting in touch with the creative side of developing new products. Second, there’s a gratifying feeling that comes with evoking positive emotions out of customers. Her efforts have proven to be successful too. In one of many positive reviews on the website, a customer stated, Everyone gets excited to see what stickers are on their checks. Did I mention these are adults?”  Making a vision come to life that other people love is certainly amazing!


1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview


To get a better understanding of how well-liked the company is, I asked Riniker about the response from her customers. “I think the response has been wonderful. It's always nice to hear positive feedback from customers. And the amount of repeat business I get tells me I'm doing something right,” she explained. At QQ Studio, we measure our success in the same way. Through positive feedback and repeated business, we’re able to tell when our products exceed expectations.

Responses tend to come around full circle too. Many customers who rave about Danielle’s stickers share that others do the same when they hand them out. For example, a member of the Scratch and Sniff Sticker Club commented, As a Kindergarten teacher I love giving scratch and sniff stickers to my students to reward them for good work and behavior. Each day I give out happy grams with a scratch and sniff and they can't wait to see what the stickers smell like!” EverythingSmells is not only satisfying their own customers, but people who are connected to those customers as well. It’s incredible to see the impact that fun products like stickers can have on a growing number of people.


What are some of your goals for EverythingSmells moving forward?

Now that we’ve covered the history of the company and everything leading up to now, I had to ask about the future of EverythingSmells. In regards to her goals moving forward, Riniker answered, “I'd love to launch more EverythingSmells branded products - sticker books, tote bags, scented erasers. And I'm always looking for ways to grow my Sticker Club.” It seems like Riniker has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. We look forward to seeing these product additions whenever it comes out.


What do you look for in packaging?

Lastly, I wanted to get Riniker’s take on what she looks for in packaging and how she found QQ Studio. “I love packaging that is colorful, that stands out from everyone else's, that's fun, and most importantly, scent-safe. I found QQ Studio while searching for metallic, scent-safe bags. I like that you continue to keep your inventory fresh.” We’re glad that our bags have a place in EverythingSmells’ packaging. QQ Studio offers colorful, durable, and versatile packaging that businesses of all industries can use.

1980’s Nostalgia with A Modern Twist: The EverythingSmells Interview


Wrapping it Up

We love catching up with other businesses that use our packaging. I hope you enjoyed this interview and learned a thing or two that could help your business grow in some way too. Be sure to follow EverythingSmells on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates on their products! You can also browse Danielle’s extensive catalog at everythingsmells.com.  If you like this blog, you’ll love our other interview with La Connecta Spicy Munchies.

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