358 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Dry Rice Bags

358 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Dry Rice Bags

358 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Dry Rice Bags

The 358

The plastic bag ban in states like New York is going to increase the popularity of packaging that can be carried easily. If you want to get ahead of this new trend, start looking into packaging like the 358 that features a handle. Not everyone is going to remember to bring their reusable tote bag. If they forget, a package that does not need to be carried in another bag is going to seem more appealing than a cumbersome, hard to carry products.

In addition to a handle, the 358 benefits from a secure zip-lock opening and the option to heat seal for added protection. Two tear notches make the packaging bag simple to open. These bags are composed of a 4.7 mils thick and clear polyethylene. This thick material and the side gussets make these bags capable of being filled to the brim. The flat bottom lets them stand on their own once filled. With a variety of sizes, 16 cm x 27 cm, 18 cm x 29 cm, and 20 cm x 31 cm, the needs of your company are sure to be met.


What Makes Them Special?

358 Series Featured Bag of the Day- Dry Rice Bags - Why They Are Special

The 358 is unmatched with its combination of thick, durable construction and simple, user-friendly features. Even though the polyethylene composing the bag is waterproof and durable, you can still see right through it. Whatever you put into one of these packages will be visible from the outside.

The handle is what makes the 358 special. The large handle can also be used to hang the bags when they are empty. When it is filled, the flat bottom allows the bag to stand on its own, making it great to display on market shelves. Customers will find it easy to carry and transport whatever contents are being stored in these bags.


What Do You Recommend Storing in Them?

358 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Dry Rice Bags (Storage Pouch)

The product we feel best utilizes all of the features found in the 358 series is dry rice. The handle allows the dense and heavy rice to be simple to carry with one hand rather than having to sling a large sack over your shoulder. Rice also needs a waterproof container with a zip-lock. Rice is not cooked all at once, so the bag that it is stored in needs to be re-sealable.

The airtight packaging preserves the life of the rice. Brown rice, which has a higher oil content than other strains of rice, tends to spoil sooner. It can spoil in as little as 4-6 months but a secure and airtight packaging can extend this shelf life.


What Protections Do They Offer?

358 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Dry Rice Bags (Protections)

The three biggest dangers to rice are bugs, mice, and mold. Mice have sharp teeth that can chew through cheap packaging like wet paper. But a 4.7 mils of polyethylene bag cannot be chewed through so easily.

Bugs like to crawl into the grains and lay their eggs. You won’t notice these eggs until they’ve hatched, and by then it’s too late. To prevent bugs from entering into your rice after it is packaged, the bag needs to be airtight. When the zip-lock opening is closed, and the bag is heat-sealed, there is no way for bugs to enter into the package.

Mold occurs when rice is exposed to water, heat, and oxygen. If your rice gets wet while in a room where temperatures and humidity remain high for long periods, the rice will absorb this moisture and will likely grow mold. An airtight package with oxygen absorbers will prevent any mold from growing.


What Are Some Ideal Settings For These Bags?

358 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Dry Rice Bags (Ideal Settings)

These bags would be ideal in any food market including Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or local mom-and-pop shops. Since plastic bags are going the way of the dinosaur extinction, easy to transport products are going to ramp up in popularity.  Act quickly and switch to storing your rice in the 358 series packaging bags.


Why You Should Use the 358

358 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Dry Rice Bags (Why Use Them?)

Other companies use flat, thin plastic bags to store their rice. These bags look cheap and are difficult to carry. If you make the switch to the 358 bags, you will stand out from the competitors. Your rice will be easier to carry and easier to display. Customers will understand that your company is aware of what they want and willing to give it to them.

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