When to Feed Your Cat or Dog

When to Feed Your Cat or Dog

When to Feed Your Pets

Best Times to Feed Your Cat or Dog

Cats and dogs always know how to pull our heartstrings just enough to make us want to give them an extra meal or treat. As someone living with two cats and a dog, I’ve seen the cute face routine too many times to know when my pets are looking for an extra bite to eat. As much as we want to give our pets everything they want, it is important to maintain a feeding schedule and monitor how frequently they are eating. Here are some tips to help you decide the best times to feed your cat or dog.


When to Feed Your Pets: How Often Your Dog Should Eat


According to AKC, dogs should usually eat an average of twice per day. However, this is subject to change depending on the age of the dog. In addition to how many times a dog should be fed, the amount they eat per meal is just as important. For instance, puppies tend to need larger portions of food because they are constantly growing and developing. I remember when my dog was just a puppy, and he was always looking for food even more than now! Adult dogs can eat less than puppies because their bodies are generally not changing at the rate of a puppy. To learn more about how often to feed your dog, check out this blog that breaks down more factors that impact feeding, schedules, and the importance of fresh food.  


When to Feed Your Pets: Feeding Times


For average adult dogs sticking to the twice a day eating schedule, there are ideal times for when the feeding should happen. According to MyPetNeedsThat, the best time to give your dog food is around 7am and 6pm. Feeding times should be spaced-out for digestive purposes, and to allow a long enough window for your dog to feel hungry again before the next meal. Feeding time for puppies should be around the same time, except a mid-day meal can certainly be added as well. To store dog food before serving, you might like this double-sided matte bag. The bag is 100% smell-proof to avoid any dog food scent before feeding, and can be heat sealed to avoid any spills! These bags are also available in multiple colors so you can distinguish one pet food from another. To learn more about optimal dog feeding times, check out this blog.


When to Feed Your Pets: How Often Your Cat Should Eat


A cat’s eating requirements are pretty similar to dogs. The amount of feeding will also vary depending on if it is a kitten or an adult cat. Adult cats should be fed an average two times per day while a kitten may need three meals. With a kitten running around at my house now, I can assure you that he needs more food because of how fast he is maturing. Since adult cats have already matured, they don’t need as much food. As a side tip, I recommend purchasing kitten food if you also have a young one. Yes, there is a difference between kitten and cat food! For storing kitten food, you might like this triangle design bag. The smaller cat food bits will fill up perfectly and the bag is completely reusable. To store adult cat food, check out this clear stand up bag. The side gusset allows for a larger capacity to store the adult size food! Learn more about how often to feed your cat here.


When to Feed Your Pets: Cat Feeding Times


According to PetLifeToday, one feeding method could be to leave food out so that your cat can decide what time is best to eat and how much. Although it sounds like a good idea to try, I would recommend sticking to a routine. Especially if you are an owner of two or more cats, there could be times when one cat eats food out of another cat’s bowl. If operating on a two meal per day schedule, you should space out meals about 12 hours in between. However, do not let more than 12 hours pass to feed your cat, as it may be problematic for their health. For cat food storage packaging, you might want to consider this metallic film bag. This bag is heat sealable to avoid any food spills! Also, the material will allow for better pet food preservation over a period of time. To learn more about cat feeding times, check this blog.


Final Thoughts

We hope you were able to gain some useful knowledge about cat and dog feeding times. Always evaluate the best dietary options to keep your pet healthy. Feeding times and what you feed are both a must know when it comes to being a responsible pet owner. Whether it’s wet or dry food being served, the amount you give should be regulated. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on wet vs dry food.

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