Best Way To Get Your Toiletries Past the TSA

Best Way To Get Your Toiletries Past the TSA

Best Way to Get Your Toiletries Past the TSA

Flying is one big headache. There are a million and one different things to worry about, and getting past the TSA is the most worrisome. Today, we will be looking at the TSA size and capacity limits, and what type of packaging is required to transport your products in. We will also be suggesting the best QQ Studio packaging bags for your different bath and beauty supplies.


Guide to the 3-1-1 Rule

Storage Pouch for Storing Toiletries While Traveling by Plane

The TSA follows this simple rule for liquids, which is 3-1-1. This means they require all liquids to be under 3.4 ounces and stored in one, 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, QuickQlick™ bag. Keep these measurements in mind, as they will toss your stuff in the trash if you don't follow the guidelines. We recommend the 216 packaging pouches. The 216 is 16 cm by 23 cm or 6.3 in by 9.06 in. It has a capacity of roughly 1 quart, making it ideal for holding all of your toiletries. The 216 is the Louis Vuitton duffle bag of clear QuickQlick™ bags. As is required, the packaging bag is see-through, so that the contents can easily be seen by the agents responsible for inspecting your bag and touching your undergarments. It has a zipper seal opening that can be opened and resealed, as well as the additional option of heat sealing to prevent any moisture or gases from escaping the bag during the flight. The 216 lies flat and can be stored easily in the front pocket of most carry-on suitcases or backpacks.


Liquid Storage Pouch for Storing Toiletries While Traveling by Air

Now that you have the vessel to store your items, you need packages that fit the required quantities. No more than 3.4 ounces of any liquid is allowed on a carry-on bag. As everyone knows, nothing dangerous is less than 3.4 ounces. You can use plastic bottles to store your shampoo and lotions, but these can be cumbersome and bulge out of your suitcase pockets, similar to a phone in skinny jeans. A packaging bag designed to house liquids and gels would be better, as they are lighter and take up much less space. The 407 bags hold as much as 1.69 oz and are 5 cm by 8 cm or 1.97 in by 3.15 in, about the size of the peanut packs they give you on the flight.

These compact bags have a spout that can be used to dispense gels and creams like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, or lotions. The screw cap can secure the bags and ensure the contents stay inside when the product is not in use. Our packaging is flexible, every last drop of your product can be squeezed out. Multiple 407 bags can be stored in a 216, so all your different liquid beauty products can be brought along on the flight. The bag is also clear, allowing you to know or prove what you are carrying in your suitcase. Can these bags be used to store alcohol? Yes. Do we condone sneaking alcohol on the plane? Absolutely not.


Storage Pouches for Snacks While Traveling by Air

For solid materials, the 203 packaging bag is the right fit. The measurements are 9 cm by 11.4 cm or 3.54 in by 4.49 in, about the size of two bags of stale peanuts. Our bags hold up to 3 oz of solid material. The 203s have a matte gold finish and are coated on both sides. It has a zipper seal opening and is constructed of a durable Mylar material. This would be the bag you put non-liquid toiletries like facial wipes, toilet paper, or toothbrushes in. But not nail clippers, because those are incredibly dangerous on a plane. Like the 407s, multiple 203s could be placed in a 216.

An organized bag will lessen the stress of flying and give you back a feeling of control. You have no control over delays and crying babies when flying, but you do have control over your carry-on luggage. As well, if you are traveling with colleagues, the separated toiletries in high-quality bags project an air of professionalism. There is a noticeable difference between a dirty ordinary plastic bag with multiple plastic bottles jammed into it versus an organized package with space-saving bags.

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