Best Way to Pack Food on Family Trips

Best Way to Pack Food on Family Trips

Using Clear Bags on Family Trips

Using Clear Bags on Family Trips

We’ve seen it all too many times. Family trips with premade food for the road is a classic go-to move. Everyone’s favorite sandwiches and snacks are jumbled together in bags, and when the time comes to eat, it’s every person for themselves. One person grabs this, another person grabs that. It’s a chaotic eating fest that you weren’t prepared for.

Now, just as you go to open your bagged lunch and take a bite out of it without paying close attention, you realize the lunch you have isn’t even yours. As you look at the food in disgust, you realize that you just got a mouthful of tuna fish that your older brother made for himself before the family hit the road. The worst part about it is, you don’t even like tuna!

Simultaneously confused and grossed out, your eyes scatter the room to find the bologna sandwich that called your name ever since you stepped foot in the car and went on the family excursion. Searching high and low, you never seem to find an unopened bag that’s yours for the taking. Suddenly, you lock eyes with your little sister, who has a slight grin on her face as if she already knew what just transpired and she was glad about it. You look down at the sandwich in her hand and instantly conclude that she’s eating your bologna and cheese sandwich. Without you even having to say a word, she looks at you and says, “I didn’t know this was yours.”

But she knew. You know she knew. Now you’re stuck 40 miles away from home with not a McDonalds in sight. Where’s a good burger when you need one? Better yet, where’s a good bologna sandwich when you need one?


Using Clear Bags on Family Trips: Rewind


Let’s take this situation back where it all started. You’re on the yearly family trip when everyone decides that they’re hungry a couple of hours after leaving home. Everyone’s premade lunchtime sandwiches are piled together in individual large clear-sided bags. You take a glimpse at what everybody made for themselves, and then instantly spot your delicious bologna and cheddar cheese sandwich.

You then see your older brother eating his nasty tuna fish. You smell it all the way from where you are, so you try to keep your distance as best as possible. Nevertheless, he clearly spotted his own sandwich this time and got exactly what he signed up to eat. That’s win number two for the family.

Finally, you spot your younger sister from out of the corner of your eye. Wouldn’t you know it, she’s staring right at the bologna sandwich in your hand that rightfully belongs to you and no one else.

With a puzzled look on her face, she turns to you and says, “I wish I had your sandwich.” 

With no hesitation in your voice, you swiftly reply, “You never even stood a chance.”


Using Clear Bags on Family Trips: What Just Happened?


The two scenarios depicted in this blog are what happens when you use clear bags to store your food items on family trips. Clear bags make for less confusion between whose food belongs to who. At QQ Studio, we offer clear bags because it represents transparency. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of situations where double-sided solid colored bags are helpful too. It all depends on the situation. We have everything you need to know about taking trips. If you like this blog, check out our other blog on the best healthy snack prep hacks for road trips.

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