Quick Hummus Recipes To Sell

Quick Hummus Recipes To Sell

How to Make Quick Hummus Recipes to Sell

3 DIY Hummus Recipes to Start Your Business

There’s nothing better than reaching into the refrigerator and grabbing some delicious hummus to dip your chips in. I’m more of a pretzel dipper myself, but any kind of chip works because hummus is just that magical. It can be pretty easy to go out and pick up some store-bought hummus. I am known to take the easy way out myself too when it comes to dips. However, it can be just as easy to make your own recipe that tastes better and makes you money. After coming across a few DIY hummus recipes, I had to share a few with you to help you get your business off the ground.

 Easy Ingredients for Hummus


Recipe #1 - 5 Minute Recipe

The first recipe that’s worth sharing with you takes a total of 5 minutes! It takes more time going out to pick up hummus than making your own; that’s what I like to call time efficiency.

Quick and Simple Hummus for your Business

To make this recipe, you need: tahini, extra virgin olive oil, garlic cloves, chickpeas, lemon juice, water, salt, paprika, olive oil, and parsley.

If you’re a busy mom looking to prepare a tasty and nutritious snack dip for your business, this is a great food option to choose that will keep your schedule on track. All you have to do is process the tahini and olive oil in a food processor, and then add the rest of the ingredients in the processor as well. To learn more about how to prepare this recipe go here. To store ingredients, you might be interested in trying this aluminum foil bag. This bag is food safe and lays flat to maximize storage space!


Recipe #2 - 10 Minute Recipe

Quick and Simple Hummus Made in 10 Minutes

This next recipe takes around 10 minutes to make, just a bit longer than the previous one listed.

To prepare this hummus, you will need: chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, garlic cloves, extra virgin olive oil, cumin, salt, water, and paprika.

The texture of this hummus is what makes it stand out the most. This recipe ensures that your hummus will come out extra smooth. As a fellow hummus connoisseur, I support this movement. Smooth hummus adds a better consistency to the taste buds, and I think most consumers would agree. This recipe also requires a processor, but the starting ingredients to process here are tahini and lemon juice, following with the rest. To store this hummus, you might want these open fill bags. The heat seal will prevent any tasty dip from falling out! For further instruction on how to make this hummus, visit here.


Recipe #3 - 20 Minute Recipe

The final DIY hummus recipe will take about 20 minutes to make.

To prepare this recipe you will need: chickpeas, baking soda, lemon juice, clove garlic, fine sea salt, tahini, ice water, cumin, extra virgin olive oil, parsley.

Simple Hummus Made in 20 Minutes

This recipe also offers variations that can be added for different flavoring. Don’t be afraid to add your flair to your hummus! I would recommend this version to businesses with a bit more time to commit to their dip. In addition to using a food processor, this recipe insists that you boil chickpeas with baking soda in a saucepan first. The extra few minutes you spend on this recipe could make all the difference. For hummus storage, you might like this metallic film bag. The striped orange lines closely resemble the coloring of your dip! To learn more about the recipe, check here.


Comparing Hummus

Comparing Different Hummus Recipes

There’s no denying that all three recipes sound delicious. In terms of preparation, each recipe requires around the same number of ingredients, so I’d call it a tie. Although, the multi-variations offered for the third recipe gives a bit more leeway to different styles of hummus your business can sell. More hummus flavors means more potential customers! In regard to cooking, the first recipe taking a short 5 minutes to make is a time duration that cannot be beaten. Lastly, the second recipe offers an extra bit of smoothness to the hummus that some customers go crazy for. All of these recipes are perfect for targeting a health conscious demographic that seeks for healthy alternatives to previous eating habits.


Business Tip

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or just looking to start a side business, there are ways to get your hummus out there. One suggestion would be to pass out as many samples as possible in your local area. Another suggestion could be to market yourself on social media as much as possible. Now that you’re equipped with tasty recipes, you should be confident in your ability to gain customers. One person at a time, you will have a chance to build your business up. To package your hummus samples, you might want to try this stand up bottle pouch. This pouch is double sided for extra sun protection. 



We hope that you enjoyed our list of hummus recipes to help you start up your business. With minimal ingredients and quick cooking time, selling this dip is a perfect way to make money. All of this talk about hummus is making me hungry! If you like this blog, check out our other blog on homemade body butter.

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