Best Games the Whole Family Can Play

Best Games the Whole Family Can Play

Best Games to Play with Your Family

Best Games to Play with Your Family

When the whole family comes together for game nights or holidays, it can be difficult to find a game everyone can enjoy. The older folk want something stimulating or intellectually challenging, the younger kids want something with rules that are easy to follow, and the teenagers want something that will be over quickly. Finding a game that fits all these requirements is no simple feat. This guide will go over some of the best family games that can keep everyone entertained.



Best Games to Play with Your Family: Catan

  • 3-4 players, 5-6 with the expansion pack
  • Difficulty- 2/5


Settlers of Catan, or simply Catan, is a game in which the players collect resources then use them to build settlements, roads, and cities. Learning the rules and set up may be difficult for new and younger players, but it's not complicated once you understand it. The core gameplay is straight forward, but there is room for strategy to make the game compelling for everyone. Be prepared for some hurt feelings, there is a trading system that lets you swap, or steal resources from other players. Think monopoly but set in colonial times. If you have a larger family, you can do teams of two. Playing in teams forces you to communicate with your team members about what to build, and if you want to trade resources. You can also buy the expansion pack. Catan has several add-ons that explore new environments and situations. Each of these expansions requires an additional expansion to play with more people. These can add up, so if you're looking for a frugal game, this isn't the one for you. New expansions bring new rules, so get the hang of the base game first before you move on. This game comes with a lot of little pieces and board parts. We advise you to use pouches like our Shimmery Textured Gold Metallized Foil Stand Strong™ Bags. These glittery stand up bags will keep all the different pieces protected and organized.



Best Games to Play with Your Family: Spoons

  • 3+ players
  • Difficulty- 1/5


Spoons is a rather high-intensity card game compared to something like Go-Fish. To play, all you will need is a deck of cards and enough spoons for every player. The objective of this game is to grab one of the spoons. Players will sit around a table, with the spoons placed in the center. At the start, there should be one less spoon than there are players. Players start with 4 cards. Once the round starts, players will take one card from their hand and pass it to the player to their left. Keep the cards you want, pass one to the left, and pick up the cards on the right. When one player gets 4 of the same card, they will take a spoon. When you see someone grab a spoon, it becomes a race to see who else can get the remaining spoons. Once one spoon is grabbed, everyone else can grab a spoon even if they don’t have 4 of a kind. The player who doesn’t have a spoon is kicked out, then the round restarts. It’s like the card game version of musical chairs.

The card swapping starts slow but very quickly it can pick up speed. Piles of cards can start to accumulate on your right as you take time to sort your 4 cards. While you sort, you also have to keep an eye to make sure no spoons are being grabbed. The best strategy is to decide on one card, let's say the 3 of hearts, and just quickly pass anything that isn't a 3 of hearts to your left. Some players forgo the 4 of a kind hunting and just watch the spoons. This is a viable strategy, but I've never seen this type of player win. It's a fast pace, intense, and fun for everyone.  Rather than using your kitchen spoons, consider using plastic spoons, and keep both them and the deck of cards packaged in a convenient packaging bag.



Best Games to Play with Your Family: Codenames

  • 3+ players
  • Difficulty- 2/5


Codenames is a game centered on associations. To play, you place 25 cards at the center of the table. On each of these 25 cards is one random word. The words can be anything from "kangaroo" to "rocket ship". Players break up into 2 teams. One player from each team is chosen as the "code master". The two code masters are given a map of which of the 25 words at the center of the table their team needs to win. Only the two code masters can see this map. It is then their job to say one word that applies to as many of their teams' words as possible. So, if the blue code master needed his team to pick the words, kangaroo, elephant, and llama, blue could say “Animals for 3”. The trick is to find a word that applies to a large number of words. If you need the word "Egypt", you could say "Pyramids for 1", but that's not a good strategy to win. It's a race between the teams to see who can get all of their words first. If your team picks a word that doesn't belong to them, their turn ends. There is a time that limits the amount of time your team has to pick, so you have to think fast.

The trick is to know how your team members think. That is why this game is great for families. When you know how the code master’s head works, you will have an easier time understanding the references they make. Consider this game if you want something that challenges your language skills and ability to make connections. There are a few variations of this game, including a picture version, a Disney version, and a 2 player variant. Explore your choices to find the game that will work best for your family.


Loose Game Pieces

Best Games to Play with Your Family: Loose Game Pieces

With most games, the setup is not nearly as fun as playing. Setting up the board and arranging all the pieces cuts into your valuable playing time. The best way to reduce the stress and time of game set up is to keep all your loose game pieces organized in convenient packaging bags. We recommend bags like this one with a window that will let you know what is stored inside. Keeping your game pieces safe and secure in one of the bags will ensure you have a successful game night.


Ending the Game

Family get-togethers or game nights don't have to be boring or uncomfortable. Some people may be resistant to try out new games, but the ones listed here are beginner friendly enough to make sure everyone has a good time. If you are interested in more fun family activities, consider reading this blog on how to prepare the perfect tea party. If you are interested in packaging bags that can keep your games organized and protected, visit our collection of premium QuickQlick™ packaging bags.

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