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QQ Studio - Rice Paper Packaging Products

Composition & Benefits

What is Rice Paper made of?

What are the strengths of Rice Paper?

Our rice paper bags deliver a unique and textured surface appearance thanks to the outer layer of paper, and the inner layer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The outer layer of paper is created during a special bonding process that results in a thinner, and more tactile paper. The inner layer can also be made of a shiny Mylar material that offers protective properties. Rice paper presents a unique and visually pleasing packaging that is unlike any other type of packaging you will see. It has a brushed metal appearance that can be felt and seen. Our rice paper bags are at least 3 mils thick, making them one of our heavyweight materials. Our heavyweight bags are flexible and stiff, able to protect against abrasion and surface damage.


What is Rice Paper packaging best used for?

Rice paper is an eye-catching material that can be used for the food and clothing industry. Customers shopping in these industries will be drawn to the beautiful design of our rice paper bags. For an industry concerned with aesthetics and style, these bags are the ideal choice for packaging.

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