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Size vs Capacity

How are the sizes of these packages unique?

How is the capacity of these packages unique?

Tea filter bags tend to be smaller to fit individual serving sizes and small amounts. When evaluating sizing, the inner vs. outer dimensions will be different. Due to the drawstring attached to the tea filter bag, the outer dimension length is extended by 1-2 mm, as opposed to the inner dimensions of the bag that excludes it. The drawstring can also alter the size of the inner dimensions of the bag. When closed, the inner dimensions shrink, and it increases when the bag is completely open. Our nylon tea filter bags come in the sizes 5x6cm, 6x7cm, and 7x9cm. The tea filter bags are capable of storing a higher capacity of product for its size. If the entirety of the bag is nearly filled, the bag will close properly and secure all contents placed inside the bag. This is an extra special quality because most of our other bags are made with a three side seal, which slightly takes away from potential capacity. The seals take up more space on the sides of the bag which decreases filling capacity. Capacity of tea filter bags can also vary depending on the overall shape. Shapes of these bags can be pyramid-like, round, square, and more. Material such as nylon will have an additional impact on the capacity of the bag, in which the bag can stretch more and increase space.


How does the structure of this bag compare to another?

In comparison to our other bag series, tea filter bags have more flexibility, meaning the bags can endure more tension or bending. These bags are typically made from fabric-like materials such as nylon, cotton, unbleached paper, and non-woven. Tea filter bags are also highly compactable. In comparison to open top bags, the closure of each is different. Open top bags require an impulse heat sealer to close the bag, while tea filter bags can be closed through a simple pull of a drawstring.

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