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What is the beauty industry?

The beauty industry is a collective of businesses that specialize in the sale of hair products, skincare products, makeup, and more. This industry is vast and full of a variety of businesses. These industries include cosmetics, jewelry, skincare cosmeceuticals, and spa products. Products in this industry focus on self-care and physical improvement.

By using these products, the customer hopes to create a better version of themselves. Their goal is to look healthy and feel better by using these various products. This industry is aimed at a market that is interested in aesthetic quality and positive visual experience. However, packaging must be protective in addition to being visually pleasing.


Can beauty products expire?

When your beauty products are fresh, they will perform in the way that they were intended to. However, if a beauty product has chemically degraded, it will be less potent and not perform well. Makeup and cosmetics can alter in color, becoming darker or lighter in appearance. Their consistency can also change and become brittle or dry if they are left open to the air.

All beauty products have a shelf life, after they are opened, this shelf life decreases. Unopened beauty products will still break down and start decaying if their packaging is cheap and not protective.

Expired makeup and skincare products can have many adverse effects on the user. Expired products can cause the user to start breaking out with acne, or even develop rashes. Expired mascara and products used near the eyes can lead to eye infections.  

To answer the question, yes, beauty products can expire. You should ensure that your packaging prevents your products from expiring early. A product that has past its shelf life is not fit to be used, and can even be dangerous.

Why is it important to present your beauty products attractively?

When it comes to storing beauty products, the aesthetics of your product packaging is just as important as the protections it offers. Customers are using beauty products because they want to look the best that they can. They are going to buy the beauty products that have clean, well-designed packaging. Product packaging for beauty products should be beautiful and nice to look at.

It is also important that the look and feel of your packaging match the product. The color of the packaging should work with your product and complement it. A packaging that clashes with the style of your product will create a negative brand image and push away potential customers.


What are the types of beauty product packaging material?

There are multiple options available for storing beauty products, with different pros and cons for each.

Mylar- This material is ideal for keeping beauty products fresh and preserved. It is flexible and tough. Mylar can block out moisture, and our double-sided bags can protect against sunlight.

Aluminum- If you have liquid products like lotions, bath soaps, and essential oils, then you need to use aluminum. This material is ideal for liquid products as it is 100% impermeable. This material is ideal for products that need to be kept moist like face masks and cleansing wipes.

Poly-Plastic- For products like jewelry that need to be displayed, use poly-plastic. This material allows the interior of the bag to be visible from the outside. While it displays the product beautifully, it also prevents moisture and contaminants from oxidizing your product.

Non-woven- Non-Woven materials are ideal for beauty products that need to breathe. This allows customers to smell scented products through the packaging. This type of material comes in decorative designs that communicate fun and joyful personality.

Kraft PaperThis is a sturdier material that is constructed with a paper material that has the look and feel of cardboard. It provides a classic packaging option with a vintage look. This material is great for delicate items like bath bombs and soaps, that need a thick layer of protection.

Rice Paper- Our rice paper material offers texture and visual intrigue to your product packaging. It has a streaky and glittery appearance similar to brushed metal. Like metal, these bags are also thick and secure. Rice paper is ideal for products that need a little extra protection.

What you need to know about Beauty Product Packaging

Use designed pouches

To present your beauty products attractively, store them in product packaging with colorful designs. Product packaging that has colorful designs are eye-catching and are capable of attracting shoppers and potential customers. When shoppers see the charming designs of your product packaging, they will become more interested in your product.

Use windowed bags

We offer a variety of packaging bags with windows that come in different shapes and sizes. These windows make the contents of the package visible from the outside. This allows customers to know what they are buying and will make them more likely to purchase your product.


Use stand-up bags

With our stand-up bags, you can fill them to the brim, and they will grow to meet your capacity needs. With their durable and supportive bottom gusset, these bags can sit upright. This makes these bags ideal for store shelves, as they do not need to be hung on a rack. Simply place these bags on the shelf, and the bottom gusset will support the package and keep it held upright.

Use the double-sided bags

Store your beauty products in double-sided product packaging to protect your beauty products from chemical degradation. Double-sided product packaging prevents light from entering and damaging your products. This is especially helpful for certain skincare ingredients, such as Vitamin A and C. Our double-sided packaging bags will block 100% of UV rays that can alter the color and constancy of your products.


Use airtight packaging

All of our packaging options, except for bottle pouches and favor boxes, can be heat sealed to make an airtight package. Our ziplock bags can be heat sealed in addition to ziplocked. This double layer of protection provides a barrier against damage and keeps your product as fresh and clean as the day it was made. The only way to keep your products from changing after they are packaged is to ensure the package is airtight. With our bags and an impulse heat sealer, this is possible as well as easy.

Decide between boxes or bags.

We offer both packaging bags and favor boxes that can be used to satisfy the needs of your company. With our packaging bag, you are given more flexibility. We offer many different sizes and styles of packaging. Our boxes currently only come in one shape. However, this style of the box comes with different color and pattern options. 

Bags also offer more protection from outside elements like moisture. Our boxes can prevent debris and abrasion from altering your product. You can also store your product in our pouches and then store the pouches in our boxes. This gives you the benefits of both packaging options.

Boxes are ideal for solid, non-perishable products like jewelry. When you package jewelry in our boxes, you can be sure that it will stay unaltered and safe.


Decide on the color

We offer so many color options you sure will find the right one to match your products. Our soft pastels and electric neon colors are versatile enough to fit any brand identity. In the beauty industry, appearance is very important. If your product is not placed in a package that is pleasant to look at and eye-catching, it will not be popular. You need to match your product with the appropriate color so that customers who are looking for a certain type of product will be drawn to yours. If a customer is looking for bright, warm-colored makeup, they are going to look for bright, warm-colored packaging.  Once you find the color and finish you need, drawing attention to your product will be easy.


Use our custom printing services

We offer a total branding package. Once you find the right package for your product, utilize our custom printing services to finalize the layout of your product. Your brand name, logo, and any information about the product can be cleanly printed onto any of our products. You are going to want customers to know your brand name and logo if you want to gain their loyalty. Your companies information needs to be cleanly and boldly printed onto your package. Our printing services ensure that the correct information is printed exactly how you want it to be.


Our Product Packaging


Cosmetic Product Packaging - Packaging products for cosmetics and beauty products

Browse our packaging that is best suited for make-up and cosmetics. These bags are perfect for products like foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick, and many more.

Jewelry Product Packaging - Packaging products for jewelry

Secure your jewelry in our safe and reliable packaging. When you use our products, you can feel safe knowing that your jewelry is protected against rust, abrasion, and any kind of damage.

Skin Care Cosmeceuticals Product Packaging - Packaging products for skin care, face masks, cleansers and more

When products promise clean skin they need to be in clean packaging. See our offerings of different colors and finishes of packaging that we feel best fits the skincare industry. We offer bags for face masks, cleanser, moisturizer, toners, and many other types of skincare treatments.

Spa Product Packaging - Packaging products for spa accessories, essentials oils, and more

An industry that is focused on relaxation should not worry about their products being damaged. To reduce overall stress, rely on our packaging to prevent anything from harming your products. We have bags for all types of spa accessories, like oils, bath salts, candles, and aromatherapy.