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What bags are good for storing Jewelry Pieces?


DIY jewelry parts and jewelry piece replacements like clasps, chains, gems and watch parts all need a secured packaging bag so that they are not easily lost. These pieces can be small and delicate, so it is essential to use durable packaging to keep them protected. Jewelry pieces are best packaged in double-sided zip lock bags as they do not need to be displayed. These are pieces typically sold online or through repair stores. For an added layer of protection use double-sided packaging to secure against sunlight damage. The inclusion of the ziplock makes these bags easy to open and close multiple times so that the contents can stay protected. Ziplocks also make it possible to easily seal these bags without heat sealing. Store your jewelry parts in packaging bags that show your customers that you care about organization and protection.

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What bags are good for storing Jewelry Products?


Jewelry products need both protection and display. When you are selling jewelry, the design of the packaging can influence the customer's decision to purchase. Decorative packing can add to the positive reception of your product. It can also ensure that your product stays protected when it is being shipped or when it is sold in stores. We offer windowed flat bags that allows your jewelry to be decoratively presented. Our poly-plastic and Mylar bags are capable of providing both display and protection to your jewelry. These bags also feature hang holes that allow them to be hung on racks and peg boards. These hang holes also make these bags great for home organization.

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