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What bags are good for storing Face Masks?


Paper masks and other skincare cosmeceuticals need to be kept in a moist environment so that they do not dry out. Bubble masks, sheet masks, clay masks, and gel masks all need to be protected from losing their moisture and becoming oxidized. We offer durable and thick open top flat bags that are great for holding face masks. These bags come in multiple decorative and charming designs. We offer many colors to fit the style of the face mask. Store citrus-infused masks in our orange or yellow bags. Charcoal products are increasingly popular, use our matte black bags to store these types of masks. These bags are constructed of Mylar and aluminum, both of these materials are impermeable and great at keeping skincare products protected.

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What bags are good for storing Creams?


Skincare cream used to treat acne, wrinkles, or dry skin are abundant on the market. Moisturizers, cleansers, and toners are all liquid and gel products that risk drying out if they are not stored in airtight packaging. We offer specially designed bottle pouches that are perfect for storing liquid skincare products. Our bottle pouches feature a plastic spout and screw cap, as well as non-permeable material. For skincare product samples, we suggest our open fill flat bags. These packages are also non-permeable when constructed with mylar, aluminum, or poly-plastic. Both of open-top flat bag and our bottle pouches are ideal for storing liquid beauty products.

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