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What is the clothing industry?

The clothing industry is a collective of businesses that manufacture, sell, or embellish clothing. Every one of us wears clothing, so then all of us have experienced first-hand the benefits of the clothing industry. This market has no shortage of different suppliers and designers making their unique garments. There is a company catering to their clothing for every type of person. Suppliers are making clothing for men, women, adults, children, tall people and short people. Every shape, size, and style of clothing is being sold. With such an oversaturated market, it is important to make your products stand out. A few of the businesses supplying all of these clothes include boutiques and garment stores. When it comes to displaying clothing products, the packaging is just as important as the product.

Craft supplies are also a part of this industry. Buttons, sequins, iron-on-patches, and various other DIY products are included in the clothing industry. There is a vast selection of craft supplies made for different projects. There are mature craft supplies for adults to do, as well as kid-friendly supplies used in schools and daycares. The market for craft supplies Is large and inclusive.  Like clothing, craft supplies draw in customer attention with their design and visuals.

Why is it important to display your clothing products?

Clothing is a visual product that customers will need to see. No one is going to blindly buy clothes when they don't know what they look like. Displaying clothing in shops and stores is not as easy as putting it on racks. Retailers put thought into how the products are displayed and set up within the store. Clothing packaging should protect the products as well as allow it to be displayed. Customers will need to see the product before they consider buying it. Clothing designers will often give retailers specific instructions on what clothes should be grouped together, how mannequins should be styled, as well as the layout of their section in boutiques. When it comes to packaging clothing, companies need to also consider how their products are displayed. Online retailers need to consider the unboxing experience as online shoppers will have built up expectations waiting for their item to arrive. Packaging that is pleasant to look at and fun to open will add to the overall experience of the shopper. Our fascinating packaging can make the unboxing experience for shoppers much more exciting. Shoppers that have a better experience buying and receiving their product are more likely to buy from your company again.

For craft accessories, this is also true. Buttons, sequins, or any type of craft product draws in the customer's attention with their appearance. If you were selling shiny golden buttons, you would want the customers to see them through the packaging. The bright colors and interesting visual design of your product is what draws in the customers and convinces them to buy your product. If they cannot see your product, they are less likely to buy it.


How can moisture damage your clothing?

When clothing is kept in humid conditions without any type of protection, they can develop mildew. Mildew is a thin dust-like organism that grows on organic material like cotton, wool, silk, or leather. Both mildew and mold are a type of fungus that thrives in humid conditions. Mold grows on food, while mildew grows on surfaces and clothing. Mildew is typically grey, black, or white and can stain lighter colored clothing. It has a distinct, foul smell that is difficult to remove. Mildew can also break down the material in clothing.  Any clothing or craft item can risk growing mildew if they are improperly packaged and left in a humid environment.

Moisture can also shrink and distort clothing. Wool is especially susceptible to this. If you have ever accidentally shrunken a sweater when doing laundry, you are familiar with this concept. Wools and other animal hair-based materials compress together when they are exposed to water.

Cotton or silk can also be shrunken by moisture. For these materials, the fibers absorb the water at first and then contract when the water is evaporated. In wool, silk and cotton, water will cause shrinkage.

Craft supplies like stickers can become warped and discolored by moisture. Stickers or other craft supplies that use glue, like patches and command strips will lose their adhesive quality if the glue is exposed to water. This is also true for finished craft products held together with glues. Craft supplies with vivid colors or products that are painted will have their colors run if they get wet.

What you need to know about the Clothing Industry

Use pouches with clear fronts.

To shed a spotlight on your clothing products, store them in product packaging with a clear front. Your clothing products will be displayed front and center in the see-through packaging. Our poly-plastic bags offer both protection and display. We have different styles of bags, including bags with windows and bags with a full clear side. We have bags with clear windows and bags with translucent sides that offer a cloudy, frosted glass view of the interior. Whichever style of window you decide to use, all of them will shield your product from damage.


Use pouches with hang holes

When you use pouches with hang holes, you can display your packaged product on racks and pegboards. This puts your product directly in the eye line of shoppers. They will see your product more easily if it on a rack at the same level as their eye. You can store a large quantity of your product on store racks. Hang holes are also beneficial for home organization. Customers with cluttered homes will appreciate the ability to store their products on bulletin boards.


Use stand up bags

Stand up bags are ideal for counter and shelf storage. The bottom gusset of these types of packages will expand as the pouch is filled and enables the bag to sit upright. This allows the bags to be displayed on counter tops and shelf space. Our windowed stand-up bags are the perfect combination of functional design and display. They are designed to maximize internal capacity while satisfying your display needs.

Use non-permeable material packaging

To protect your clothing products from producing a foul odor, store them in a package with a non-permeable material. Materials like Mylar, aluminum, and poly-plastic will effectively block out moisture and humidity. When moisture and humidity are kept away from your clothing products, they will not develop mildew. You must ensure that your clothing and craft products are not exposed to moisture so that they remain the original shape and continue smelling fresh.


Use zip-lock packaging

Ziplock packaging allows the customer to open and reseal the pouch. This makes the packaging capable of keeping their contents secure even after opening. This is especially helpful for craft supplies as these are typically not used all at once. Art supplies like sequins, buttons, and patches come in multiples per pack. Small portions are used at a time, the remainder is resealed and stored away. Ziplock makes it possible to secure the remaining contents when they are not in use.

Use the right color

The color of the packaging conveys the look and feel of your brand. Choose bright colors or charming designs to draw in customers. Craft supplies and clothing are more popular when they are attractive.  Colors are an easy way to draw attention to your brand and add to the overall aesthetic value of your product. Ensure that the color of your packaging has the same personality as your product. If the colors are bold and vibrant, the products are more likely to sell


Decide between boxes or bags

Our favor boxes offer elegant designs and quality protection for your clothing or craft products. Boxes are more rigid and sturdy than bags. When it comes to protecting against abrasion and physical damage, boxes are superior. This is because our favor boxes are made of a thicker more durable material. Products stored in boxes are also seen as more premium. Boxes are a more classic and popular packaging type. When unfolded, our favor boxes can be stored easily. When folded and filled with a product, the boxes can be cleanly stacked on top of each other.  

However, our bags allow the products to be displayed. We have windowed bags that both protect and secure their contents.  Our ziplock bags can also be resealed. When it comes to protecting your product from elements like moisture and oxygen, bags are superior. They can be made airtight with heat sealing. There are also many more style and color options for our bag products than there are for our boxes. Bags are also more resistant to moisture and contamination.


Use our custom printing

Our custom printing services enable you to place your logo right onto the package. Branding your product is important as it tells the customer about your company. Spreading your brand information allows you to gain more customers and retain customer loyalty. Our custom printing services allow your packaging to have a complete brand image. Custom printing directly onto the packaging also legitimizes your brand. As a result, customers will view your company more professionally with the use of custom printing.


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