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How to add Style to your Gift Packaging


The package the gift comes in is just as important as the gift itself. We have a wide selection of decorative and festive packaging that can be used for any event or occasion. We offer gift packaging for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, confirmations and Quinceaneras. Quality gift packaging will increase the reception of the present and add to the overall joy of the recipient.

We suggest using our favor boxes to store small clothing items like socks, neckerchiefs, or gloves. Our favor box packaging can easily hold these items and secure them from any damage. Our favor boxes offer a quality and thick layer of protection for the gift. These boxes also feature decorative designs that can be matched with a corresponding packaging bag. These boxes use a two-tab closure system to create a reliable seal.

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Whats the Best Packaging for DIY Supplies?


We offer packaging bags for craft supplies that customers are using to create their own projects at home or with others. These are decorative products like stickers, patches and glitter that have a strong visual presence. These products have bold colors and elegant designs that need to be shown off. It is imperative that the packaging you use to store these products do not hide the eye-catching designs of the products. DIY clothing products like buttons, threads, and patches need to match the specific aesthetic needs of the customer. Customers will purchase the product that looks the best and matches the design they need to complete their project.

We recommend using our windowed flat ziplock bags and windowed stand up ziplock bags for your DIY products. These bags feature a poly-plastic window that allows customers to see the vibrant designs of the craft products stored within the bags. We suggest using ziplock bags so that the customers can open and reseal the packages to keep the product organized as well as preserved. Our flat bags are ideal for small items like stickers and patches. These bags can also feature a hang hole to allow them to be displayed on racks in stores. For larger quantities or bigger products, use our stand up ziplock bags. These packaging bags feature a bottom gusset that expands to increase their interior space. The bottom gusset allows these bags to sit upright which makes them ideal for display on shelves. Your DIY products need the right packaging to encourage creativity in the customer.

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