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Which bags are good for storing baked goods?


Finished products that have had so much care and thought put into their baking need to be shown off. That is why we are recommending some of the best stand up bags with window displays as well as self-adhesive packaging bags. These bags will allow their contents to be seen and admired. The clear fronts and windows offer the protection that these products require and don’t hide your work from the world.

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Which bags are good for storing wet ingredients?


Liquid ingredients like oil, milk, wet batter, frosting, and egg yolk need to be packaged in a non-permeable material like aluminum so that they do not leak. Our heavy-duty aluminum packaging satisfies this need while also protecting the ingredients from sunlight and abrasion.  We offer both open top bags and zipper seal aluminum packaging, as well as bags with nozzles for easy pouring. For large quantities, we recommend stand up aluminum bags.

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Which bags are good for storing dry ingredients?


Dry ingredients such as flour, dry batter, and other spices that are necessary for the baking process have their own unique packaging needs. For single-servings or sample sizes, we offer open-top stick pouches. For multi-servings, we suggest using a larger packaging bag like our stand-up pouches or flat zip seal pouches that have the capability of holding more content.

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