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Which bags are good for storing powdered drink mixes?


Drink mixes need to be protected from sunlight, heat, and moisture to maintain the longest shelf life. Powders can clump together and lose their flavor if not stored properly. In some cases, the product can harden and become unmixable. We have selected several double-sided bags that can all be heat sealed to prevent any elements from entering into the package. This will ensure that the powder stays smooth and retains its taste. We offer small heat sealable bags for individual servings, as well as larger stand-up bags for multiple serving mixes.

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Which bags are good for liquid drinks?


Our bottle pouch packaging bags have been specially designed to accommodate liquid products. Not only are they made of a non-permeable aluminum, but they also feature a nozzle that can be easily drunken from. Another feature of the bottle pouches is a screw-on cap that secures the liquid from leaking out or spilling. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes in this product type to best cater to the customer’s needs.

We also offer several of our open-top packaging bags that are bottle-shaped. These are great for single-use drinks. These open-top bags are constructed with liquid safe heavy-duty aluminum.

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Why pick bags over bottles?


While plastic bottles are the more popular option for drink storage, our bottle pouch bags offer several benefits that bottles do not. If we look at the cost of production, bottles are twice as expensive to produce compared to our pouches. Our bottle pouches also take up significantly less space than bottles, especially when the bags are empty. This space-saving cuts down on shipping costs. Finally, the individual user will find that pouches are lighter and easier to carry. Our bottle pouches also come with hang holes so that they can be hung on shelves, or clipped to a backpack.