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What bags are best for hard candies?


Hard candy is more durable than its softer alternative. For this reason, we are suggesting packaging bags that have window displays. We have flat windowed packaging bags and stand up bags with windows. This feature allows you to present colorful and visually compelling candy to customers. These packaging options still offer protection for sunlight with the solid colored side of the bag. The variety of color and shape options allows you to choose the best style to match your product.

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What bags are best for gummy candy?


Gummies can be more sensitive to temperature and compression. Improper storage can lead to the candies clumping together or melting. For this reason, we have selected packaging that is capable of regulating the temperature of the product as well as display it. The thick mylar material of these selected bags ensures that the products will not stick together or lose their shape. We suggest products that are stand up bags with ziplock closures.

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What bags are best for chocolate?


Chocolate comes in a wide array of forms and flavors. Chocolate bars to candy-coated pieces and chocolate-covered fruits. Each type of chocolate has its own packaging needs. We offer open top stick pouches for miniature sized candy bar packaging, as well as larger ziplock pouches for multiple piece chocolate sets.

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