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How do I package jerky?


To ensure the longest shelf life for your dried meat products you must package your jerky with oxygen absorbers in Mylar bags. Mylar is the best packaging material for Jerky as it ensures that moisture and oxygen will not enter into the pouch. Our Mylar bags with ziplock and heat-sealable openings are the ideal jerky container. We offer flat ziplock bags and stand up bags. Both product types offer reliable Mylar construction. Once both moisture and air are prevented from contaminating the jerky, its shelf life can last up to 1-2 years.

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What are the packaging needs of jerky?


In addition to being airtight and waterproof, the jerky should also be guarded against sunlight. Light can lead to discoloration and a change in texture. However, some businesses prefer to choose packaging with windows to show their product to their customers. We offer both double sided and windowed Mylar packaging bags. If you want to display your jerky you have the option, but you can also choose to secure your product from 100% of sunlight.