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What packaging is good for freeze-dried food?


Freeze-dried foods have been subjected to extremely low temperatures and then placed into a strong vacuum to remove most of the moisture content. The result is compact food that can be easily rehydrated with a small amount of water. Freeze-dried meals are great for outdoor activities or for taking on the go. We have selected several durable stand up bags that are safe to hold the freeze-dried food as well as the water needed to rehydrate them. Hot water poured into one of these bags won’t leak or weaken the bag. The stand up ziplock bags can stand on their own so they can be eaten out of easily.

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What bags are good for vacuum-sealed food?


Food that is intended to be vacuum-sealed needs to be put in a flat, open-top packaging bag. This will ensure that no air or moisture can enter into the package once heat sealed. Our open top bags will fulfill these needs, while also offering multiple color options and styles.

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What bags are good for frozen food?


If your food is going to be sitting in the freezer, you need to be aware of how condensation will affect your packaging. Food can easily become freezer-burnt if its container is not airtight and water-resistant. The bags we have selected have all been picked with both store displays and the needs of frozen food in mind. These bags are all double-sided flat or stand up bags with ziplocks. They are also made with thick materials to ensure proper temperature regulation.

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