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What is the best packaging for natural snacks?


Natural snacks, meaning nuts, dried fruits, and granola, need to be kept in a dry environment to maintain their shelf life. Because consumers of natural snacks are more health-conscious and concerned about ingredients, we suggest packaging that has a window so that the customers know exactly what they are buying. Flat windowed bags with hang holes are our suggested storage bag for natural snacks. 

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What bags are best for single portion snacks?


Another important aspect of snack food storage is portion size. There is a distinction between individual snack bags and family-sized snack pouches. We offer a wide array of bag sizes that can be used for specific portion sizes. We offer single portion snacks that are designed for lunch bags and individual use. These are flat bags with either open tops or ziplocks.

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What bags are best for family-sized snacks?


When selecting family sized snack bags, they must be able to be stored well in cabinets. For this reason, our stand up ziplock pouches fit best for family portioned snack storage. These bags are great for large quantities of food or multiple individually wrapped packages.

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