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What is the health & wellness industry?

The health and wellness industry is a collective of businesses that supply products aimed to encourage physical wellbeing and improve the overall health of their consumers. They accomplish this by utilizing natural ingredients and food products that have the vitamins that the body needs to stay running smoothly. Unlike prescription medicines or pharmaceutical products, the products in the health and wellness industry focus on providing holistic solutions.

This industry also focuses on physical fitness products that helps individuals stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These products make staying active easy and fun.

The health & wellness industry encompasses a variety of products like dietary supplements, fitness accessories, nutraceuticals, soaps & detergents, and sports nutrition. What these industries all have in common is their need for protective packaging that can ensure that their product stays fresh and secured.


How can humidity damage your health products?

Humidity has a number of negative effects on packaging contents. Powdered materials like vitamin supplements and sports nutrition powders can clump together and crystalize. This can make these products stale and difficult to mix.

Soaps and detergents can develop mold which will lead to foul smells and a ruined product. If shampoos develop mold, this can even lead to bacteria-based scalp infections.

Vitamins and nutraceuticals can dissolve and become contaminated if not kept away from moisture.

Fitness accessories constructed of metal can oxidize or rust, losing their strength and shine.

Every type of product needs to be protected from humidity and moisture, and the only way to do this is to use nonpermeable packaging.


Why should you use travel sized packaging?

Storing your health and wellness products in portable product packaging will be beneficial for your customers. Certain health and wellness products, such as protein powder and energy bars, are commonly taken on the go. Selling your health and wellness products in portable packaging will make it easy for your customers to travel with your products. Travel friendly packaging is capable of maintaining its integrity during extended travel, whether this be during the shipping process or when the products are on the go.

What you need to know about health and wellness packaging

Material Does Matter

The type of material you use for your packaging has drastic effects on how protected your product is. Different material offers different levels of protection. The material also affects the look and feel of your packaging. When choosing a packaging material, consider what protections your product needs, and what aesthetic quality you want your product to have.

If you are working with liquids, then you need an impermeable material like aluminum. Aluminum offers a clean silver finish when a color is not applied. However, our aluminum packages come in many different colors. You should also consider how that liquid is going to be poured out of the bag. We suggest using our bottle pouches, or our open fill flat bags for liquid storage as these bags are guaranteed to not leak.

For perishable products that need to be kept fresh, consider using Mylar. This material is the king of food preservation. Organic material will be kept fresh and have its shelf life preserved when it is stored in a mylar packaging bag. Mylar is shinier than aluminum when not colored, but has just as many color options.

For nonperishable products like resistance bands or other fitness accessories, consider our poly-plastic bags. Our plastic bags come in clear and translucent colors; both allow your product to be visible through the packaging. Even though the bags can be seen through, they still offer the same security and protection as all of our bags.

Bags Vs Boxes.

Health and Wellness products can be stored both in our packaging bags, as well as our favor boxes. Both options provide different benefits.

Our packaging bags are more flexible than boxes and will be better at keeping degradable products fresh. If you are storing organic products, consider using a packaging bag, as they are more resistant to water and can be made airtight by heat sealing the bag. They also come in different designs like stand open fill bags for multiple serving products, and flat ziplock bags that can be resealed.

Our favor boxes are stiffer and offer superior resistance to abrasion. Boxes can also be stacked for more space efficient storage. Some customers also associate boxes with a more premium product. We suggest using boxes for nonperishable products, as they are less adept at blocking moisture and gas, unless used in combination with a packaging bag.

Use Open Top Bags for individual powdered drink storage.

To protect your food products for wellness from humidity, store them in open-top flat packaging. Open-top packaging requires heat sealing to securely enclose your products. Heat sealing delivers an air-tight closure that will actively block out moisture and humidity for extended periods of time. This ensures that nothing can contaminate your product or alter its integrity. Our open top stick pouches are the ideal choice for single serving drink mix storage. They are easy to carry and protect powders from clumping together and becoming difficult tot mix. They also feature tear notches that make the bag easy to open.

Use travel sized packaging

Store your health and wellness products in flat ziplock pouches to allow your customers to take them on the go. Flat ziplock pouches are small to medium in size compared to stand-up pouches, which makes them easy to travel with. Our flat bags can fit cleanly into backpacks and suitcases. The material we use is also flexible and resistant to wrinkling. If you bend these bags to fit into a pocket, they will snap back into shape after you take them out. The pouch’s strong ziplock also permits it to be opened and closed multiple times, so customers can reuse the pouch to store your product when it’s not in use. These features make our flat ziplock bag the ideal travel accessory.

We also offer open fill flat bags that can be heat sealed for an airtight closure. If you are transporting liquid products, consider our bottle pouches which feature a spout and impermeable aluminum construction. For large quantities of material that need to be transported, we suggest our side gusseted bags that are able to expand as they are filled. We also have stand up ziplock bags that also expand to hold larger quantities of materials.


Our Packaging Products


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Shop packaging bags handpicked to be excellent for supplements in pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid form. Just as your supplements keep the customer in shape, these packages will keep your product in shape.

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Browse the packaging products we feel are optimal for storing fitness accessories like resistance bands, bungie cables, jump rope, and clothing items. These products are guaranteed to keep your equipment working at peak performance.

Nutraceuticals Packaging - Packaging Products for Nutraceuticals

Keep your supplements, remedies, and medicinal foods fresh with life proof packaging.  Our packaging is 100% food grade and FDA approved, so you know it will not alter the chemical properties of your product.

Soaps & Detergents Packaging - Packaging Products for Soaps & Detergents

If you want your cleaning products to stay smelling fresh and looking pristine, secure them in these packages. If your customers are expecting a clean product, they are going to want clean packaging.

Sports Nutrition Packaging - Packaging Products for Sports Nutrition Goods

Whether your products are meant to build muscle, cut fat, or pump up energy, ensure that the packaging meets its needs. Browse boldly colored bags that inspires energy and will get the customers heart racing more than a 5-mile run.