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What bags are the best for supplement drink mix?


Dietary supplement drink powders need to be secured from moisture and humidity or they will become crystallize and become difficult to mix. Drink powders need to blend easily into liquid. Diet powder is typically mixed with cold water. The lower the temperature of the water, the harder it is for the powder to dissolve. Your drink mix must maintain its powdery texture so that it will completely dissolve regardless of the water temperature.

To ensure that these drink mixes stay light and mixable, package them in double-sided bags made of thick, non-permeable material like Mylar, aluminum or poly-plastic. Our double-sided bags are ideal for supplement powder that is light sensitive. Our triple-layered mylar packages will block 100% of UV light. We suggest using flat bags with translucent fronts that show off the drink mix while still protecting it. This poly-plastic window can make the contents of the bag visible while still blocking moisture and debris from damaging it. We offer larger stand-up bags for multiple serving supplement drink powder. Our stand-up bags feature a bottom gusset that expands as they are filled allowing for more storage space. The bottom gusset also enables these bags to sit upright on shelves or countertops.

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What bags are the best for supplements?


Dietary supplements are pills, tablets, and gummies that consumers take to stay healthy. These are solid items taken orally. Typically, these are multiple serving items that come in large quantities per pack. When packaging these types of products, it is important to protect against oxygen and moisture. These two elements can oxidize and break down the exterior of the supplement. Water can dissolve the coating, and oxygen can break down the chemical structure of the product. In both cases, the result is an inferior product with unpredictable side effects.

Preventing against supplement degradation is easy with ziplock packaging and non-permeable materials. Since supplements like pills and tablets are not consumed all at once, a ziplock opening is needed to reseal the bag after it is opened. Our stand-up and flat ziplock packaging bags use interlocking plastic strips to create a reliable seal every time they are closed. When a ziplock is combined with non-permeable materials like mylar, aluminum, or poly-plastic, you can feel secure knowing your product will be kept safe. We use multiple layers that are specially designed materials to create packing that will not allow outside elements to contaminate your product. Our food-safe linings are guaranteed to not transfer chemicals into your product. We have taken every step to ensure that these packages are the best storage bags for holding solid supplements.

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