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What bags are the best for nutrient drink mix?


All powdered drink mixes risk becoming hard and clumped together when packaged. This is especially true when the powder mixes use organic ingredients. Natural, plant-based powders need an extra level of protection compared to synthetic products. Some actions can be taken to prevent your drink powders from becoming stale and unmixable. Store them in double-sided open fill flat bags if they are for individual use. These small stick pouches can be torn open and poured directly into the drinking container to be easily mixed. Our double-sided bags are ideal for powder storage because they can block both sunlight and moisture, two of the most damaging elements to drink mix powders. Our stick pouches are the perfect size of an individual drink mix. For larger portions of the drink mix, we recommend using stand up ziplock bags. These bags can have the desired amount of mix scooped out, and then the bag can be resealed. Our stand-up bags feature an expandable bottom gusset that adds to the internal capacity of the package. We offer a variety of size offerings for both models of packaging bags. Your unique capacity needs will always be met with our products.

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What bags are the best for nutrient pills?


If you are selling a product aimed at health-conscious consumers, your product must be in great shape. Pills especially need to be presented professionally or customers will not want to purchase them. Our packaging bags provide a clean display and quality protection for nutraceutical products. Our double-sided stand-up bags with ziplock will guarantee the safety and integrity of your product. We recommend this type of packaging bag because multiple pills, tablets, and gummies can be stored within the bag thanks to the expandable bottom gusset. This feature increases the internal capacity of the products and allows the packages to sit upright. The ziplock on these bags allow the customer to reseal the bag after opening, maintaining the shelf life of the content. For multiple serving items there is no better bag option than our double-sided stand-up bags. These bags allow for professional and sophisticated pill packaging.

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