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What bags are the best for bar soap?


Bar soap packaging is essential to keep the soaps from drying out and losing their scent. Solid soaps come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Small individually wrapped soaps can be stored in our bags for easy transportation. Solid soap packaging does not need to be as water-resistant as liquid soap packaging. Still, the package needs to be able to block moisture to ensure that the soap does not dissolve or change in shape. For these reasons, we recommend our double-sided stand-up bags and our double-sided open top flat bags. Both use three layers of material to create a secure shield for your products. We suggest using the stand-up bags for multiple bar soap samples, as these bags have an expandable bottom gusset that is designed to hold larger quantities of materials. The open-top flat bags are ideal for individual bars of soap. These packaging bags come in a variety of sizes and can be heat-sealed to create a moisture-free and airtight environment. Both of these types of bags are ideal as they secure against all of the elements.

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What bags are the best for liquid detergent?


Liquid detergents require impermeable material so that the packaging does not leak. Our aluminum bags are ideal for liquid storage. We offer both flat and stand up aluminum bags. We suggest using open-top bags for liquid products because ziplocks do not completely prevent water from escaping. Liquids can also leak out of ziplock openings. Our open-top bags are ideal for detergent samples, as they can be easily stored and transported. These bags are made of three layers of non-permeable material that is guaranteed to not leak or transfer chemical to the contents. We also recommend using our bottle pouches for liquid detergent. These bags are designed to hold liquid products. They feature aluminum construction, a plastic spout, and a screw cap to secure the contents stored in the bag. These are required features for any type of liquid storage bag.

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