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Packaging for Dry Cannabis Products


Dry cannabis products that are intended to be sold for medicinal purposes need to have strict packaging requirements. Fortunately, we offer packaging bags that meet these needs. We offer thick material that is smell proof. Not only will our thick Mylar and aluminum bags prevent scents from escaping, but they will also prevent moisture from entering. Moisture should not enter into your dry cannabis products or they risk growing toxic mold spores that can harm your customers. 

We suggest using our double-sided ziplock and double-sided stand-up ziplock bags. We recommend using double-sided packaging bags because sunlight can convert THC compounds into CBN. This is a less potent chemical than THC and does not provide the same effects. Our double-sided flat and ziplock bags create a secure and smell proof environment that will safely guard your product.

For smaller amounts, use our flat bags. For large quantities of dry cannabis, we suggest our stand-up bags. The bottom gusset on these packaging bags add to the capacity of the bag by expanding as it is filled. Glass jars are popular in dispensaries for storing cannabis, but glass jars do not provide the same level of protection as our packaging bags.

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Packaging for Oil Cannabis Products


Oil cannabis is an increasingly popular method of cannabis consumption because of the ease of use. If you want to tap into this growing market, start using a packaging bag that can properly safeguard and display your product. Oil cannabis runs the risk of becoming less potent if it is exposed to UV radiation and oxygen. CBD and THC oils can deteriorate and undergo chemical degradation if exposed to even a small amount of UV light.

We suggest using our open-top flat bags. These bags offer unmatched protection from sunlight and moisture. Our open-top flat bags come in two different styles: single-sided window and double-sided color models. The poly-plastic window enables your customer to see the product before they purchase. This makes the customer more likely to buy the product as they know exactly what the packaging bag contains. However, if you wish to fully secure your cannabis oil from sunlight, we offer double-sided bags. Our double-sided bags guard against 100% of UV light, ensuring that your oil products stay potent.

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