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QQ Studio Breast Cancer Awareness Donation Event

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, QQ Studio is donating 20% of profits made on three of our pink bags to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Additionally, we are willing to provide any business with a free 100 pack of pink bags if provided with proof that you are looking to contribute to the cause. We want to spread as much awareness as possible, and we encourage other businesses to do the same. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to shed light on breast cancer awareness, and thank you in advance to every person extending a helping hand.

At QQ Studio, we live by our #packwithcolor motto. Not only do we offer bags in every color, but several shades and designs as well. For breast cancer awareness, we selected bags in three different pantones to bring meaning to every kind of pink bag. This glossy rosé pink bag is a bottle shaped bag with numerous horizontal pink stripes. Perfect for storing liquid substances, this bag is 100% food-safe and heat sealable to fully secure your contents inside!

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We want to associate breast cancer awareness with as many colorways as possible.  Aside from solid pink colored bags, there are color combo bags that can expand BCA connections beyond pink. This cotton candy pink bag brings a unique pink & blue blended coloring to the table. This gradient QuickQlick™ bag has a zipper seal, allowing for easy access to the contents stored inside. This flat bag is great for maximizing limited storage space and is completely reusable!

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Spring pink offers a tasteful leaf design placed over the pink colored bag. We chose this bag to represent breast cancer awareness because springtime symbolizes positivity, new beginnings, and hope. As we continue to support, admire, and honor those who have fought and are still fighting breast cancer, we want to shine as much positive light on it as possible. This bag can stand up on its own and stand out on any display. Additionally, there is a frosted window to showcase any items placed inside.

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On our Instagram page, we are dedicating the month of October to Breast Cancer Awareness by incorporating pink into the majority of our posts. We will periodically provide updates related to this cause via our IG story.

Feel free to DM us for additional info!

Facebook: @qqstudio

Through our QQ Studio Facebook page, we will be dedicating posts to each of the three bags involved in this fundraiser.

Feel free to message us with any question or inquiry!

Pinterest: @QQStudio_

On Pinterest, we will be focusing on our pink packaging board, and pinning relevant breast cancer awareness information to it.

Feel free to reach out to us on our page