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QQ Studio Holiday Color Collection

QQ Studio is getting into the holiday spirit with our holiday color collection! You should join us. We have compiled some of our most seasonally appealing and festive colors in one spot for you to browse through. These winter-themed colors will capture the magic of the holidays, and spread that magic to your customers. Shoppers will find comfort in the bright and happy colored packaging bags. Using seasonal colors also shows that your products are freshly made and recently packaged. QQ Studio is all about spreading high quality and colorful packaging. View our gold, red, and white color collections here. We have a rainbow of choices when it comes to color, so if you are interested in other colors, just explore our site to find the right match for you. Choices and quality are what you can expect from QQ Studio.

Add a graceful golden mystic to your products. Our gold packaging bags will shine bright like a star! The reflective metallic color will catch the light and shine it back at the viewer. Like tinsel and glitter, these gold bags have a style that you can’t look away from. When it comes to gift-giving, nothing sings quality like gold. Give your customers a glorious golden gift when you package your products in our golden packaging bags.

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Our red collection features bags with passionate and warm personalities. When it comes to gift-giving, nothing says "This comes from the heart", better than something wrapped in a red package. This is because red is the color we associate with love and romance. Red is also a traditional Christmas color. As soon as the first gust of the north wind blows in, the world starts to adorn itself with red ribbons and decorations. Red candies, red ornaments, poinsettias, and Santa’s pajamas are all colored a vibrant red. Match your products to this seasonal color. Browse our red collection to find the red packaging bag that speaks the loudest to you.

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White Holiday Color Collection

What symbolizes the winter season better than a snowy white packaging bag? View this collection of pure white packaging bags with styles you can only get at QQStudio. These durable and quality white pouches are excellent for your holiday products. The best thing about white is that it can pair well with every other color. Match these white bags with red ribbons, or green labels to achieve a wonderful seasonal aesthetic. When you place colorful labels onto a white background, they shine even brighter!

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