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Coffee Valve Packaging

Our coffee collection contains packaging bags refined for holding roasted coffee beans and ground coffee. These bags come equipped with a one-way degassing valve. Coffee beans emit small amounts of carbon dioxide as they oxidize and mature. The degassing valve ensures that these emitted gases can escape from the bags so there is no swelling or bulging.

The beauty of the valve is that it only lets air out, it does not allow outside gasses to enter into the bag. Our coffee pouches also feature heat-sealing zipper seals to maximize their freshness protecting capabilities.

Distinguishing Traits

One-Way Degassing Valves

Our innovative one-way degassing valves allow the excess gases emitted from roasted coffee beans to escape from the bags so that the pouches do not bulge or stretch. The one-way nature of the valve lets this air escape without having outside airflow in. The degassing valve's ability to allow inside gases to escape without having outside gases enter into the pouch ensures your coffee beans will not change in quality after you package them.

The degassing valves also help to prevent oxidation of the coffee beans. This is helpful both for the final packaging stage and for the work-in-progress stage of coffee roasting. When roasted beans are left out in the open air, they degrade, become stale, and have their subtle flavors reduced. With degassing valve bags, you can transfer your roasted beans to a storage container that will not leak or expose your beans to excess oxygen. You can then continue to work on your beans until they are perfect.

Expanding Bottom Gusset

The bottoms of our coffee pouches come equipped with an expanding bottom gusset. This folded flap of material expands as the bags are filled, which increases the internal capacity and allows for more coffee beans or ground coffee to be added to the bags. The bottom gusset also allows the bags to stand up on flat surfaces like shelves or countertops.

Compared to flat coffee bags which need something to prop them up, bags with bottom gussets can stand up on their own! In addition, unlike flat bottom bags, our gussets can increase the internal capacity without the need for additional side gussets.

Another benefit of stand-up bags is they make removing coffee beans from the bag simple and easy. You don’t have to hold the bag with one hand and scoop out the beans with the other, you can just stand it up and scoop.

Shop Our Styles

Horizontal Coffee Bags

Horizontal oriented coffee valve bags for efficient filling and dispensing.

Matte Finish Coffee Bags

Double-sided metallic matte coffee bags for maximum UV ray protection.

Window Coffee Bags

Foil bags with a large window for when you want to show your beans off.

Oval Window Coffee Bags

Glossy bags with a round window for the perfect blend of function and style.

Color Coffee Bags

Poly-plastic coffee bags with a full window. Frame your beans with color!