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QQ Studio #Packwithcolor Products

We offer product packaging in over 12 colors because we believe that you should #packwithcolor! With so many colors to choose from, from matte white to animated holographic, you can express yourself and your brand your way.

At QQ Studio, we reward individuality and give you the right to choose the perfect packaging for your business. We also offer custom printing so that you can create a totally unique brand image. Our strength is in the hundreds of different color, shape, and style combinations that allow you to find the perfect packaging product to meet your individualized needs.

Distinguishing Traits

QQ Studio Glossy Finish Packaging Products

Glossy Finish

What is a glossy finish? 

A glossy finish is a coating that is shiny and highly reflective to light. Like a new car or manicured nails, glossy finishes yell quality.


What are its characteristics?

This finish is stunning, radiant, and youthful. The way that this finish catches the light makes these bags stand out and draw attention. Any color with a glossy coating becomes vibrant and visually compelling.


What affect does this have on my brand identity?

When your product has glossy packaging, your product will look luxurious and will catch the eyes of shoppers. Products like candies or art supplies are perfect for glossy packaging. This finish is bright and intriguing. Mylar offers a reflective gloss while plastic provides a non-reflective gloss. These packages will hold the customer's interest and compel them to look more closely at your product.

Matte Finish

What is a matte finish?

A matte finish is a coating that is smooth and does not reflect light. Matte colors are softer and simpler, but still aesthetically pleasing.


What are its characteristics?

This finish is clean, crisp, and mature. Matte finishes are professional and elegant. Quiet is the new loud, and these understated colors will make customers associate your product with quality.


What affect does this have on my brand identity?

When your product has matte packaging, your product will have a professional, clean look. Natural products and office supplies would be great in matte packaging. With our custom printing services, your brand logo and any listed information will be easily readable on our clean matte colors.

QQ Studio Matte Finish Packaging Products
QQ Studio Warm Colors Packaging Products

What are warm colors?

Colors that are warm are reds, oranges, and yellows. They have an association with fire and heat. They are more attention grabbing and dynamic than cold colors. 

What are their characteristics?

Warm colors are fierce and passionate. Colors on this end of the spectrum project vitality and energy. They are summery and bold.

What affect does this have on my brand identity?

Warm colors bring a vibrant and confident image to your brand. These fiery colors draw attention and present a feeling of power in the packaging. Items like nuts, health supplements, and jewelry would do well in bright warm colored packaging.

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What are cold colors?

Colors that are cold are blue, green, and purple. These colors bring to mind water, ice, and rain. Where warm colors are bold, cold colors are calming and relaxing.

What are their characteristics?

Cold colors are soothing and clean. On this end of the spectrum, colors create a feeling of meditative relaxation.

What affect does this have on my brand identity?

Cold colored packaging creates a clean and nurturing image in the product. These cool colors present a feeling of confidence and steadiness. Products like lotions, beauty supplies, and essential oils would be perfect for cold colored packaging.

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QQ Studio Cold Colors Packaging Products
QQ Studio Neutral Colors Packaging Products

What are neutral colors?

Colors that are neither hot nor cold are neutral. These include white, black, brown, silver, clear, and translucent colors. Neutral colors are professional and simple.

What are their characteristics?

Neutral colors are understated and subtle. These are classic packaging options that are the most common. They are popular for a reason. These colors complement any color of logo or brand design.

What affect does this have on my brand identity?

Neutral colors allow your branding and product to be the attention grabbers. White and black finishes create a dignified image perfect for office supplies and school accessories. Our clear options allow the bags contents to be seen while still offering protection.

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Shop Our Colors

QQ Studio Black Color Packaging Products

Black Bags

Shop our selection of dominant, sophisticated, and professional black bags.

QQ Studio Blue Color Packaging Products

Blue Bags

Take a look at our cool, calm, and collected blue pouches

QQ Studio Brown Color Packaging Products

Brown Bags

Examine our rustic, natural, and wholesome brown bags

QQ Studio Clear Color Packaging Products

Clear Bags

Browse our crystal, honest and open clear bags

QQ Studio Gold Color Packaging Products

Gold Bags

Peruse our elegant, royal, and extravagant gold bags

QQ Studio Green Color Packaging Products

Green Bags

Search for the best natural, fresh, and harmonious green pouches

QQ Studio Holographic Color Packaging Products

Holographic Bags

Be amazed by our animated, interesting, and unique holographic bags

QQ Studio Orange Color Packaging Products

Orange Bags

Find some wonderful, warm, and whimsical orange packaging bags

QQ Studio Pink Color Packaging Products

Pink Bags

Cherry pick the perfect, soft, delicate, and youthful pink bags

QQ Studio Purple Color Packaging Products

Purple Bags

Shop our collection of powerful, prideful, and proud purple bags

QQ Studio Red Color Packaging Products

Red Bags

Examine our hot, energetic, and strong red bags

QQ Studio Silver Color Packaging Products

Silver Bags

Browse our classic, dignified, and shiny silver bags

QQ Studio Translucent Color Packaging Products

Translucent Bags

See our cloudy, smoky, and opaque translucent bags

QQ Studio White Color Packaging Products

White Bags

Be impressed by our clean, simple, and soft white bags

QQ Studio Yellow Color Packaging Products

Yellow Bags

Examine our fun, happy, and youthful yellow bags