115 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Korean Beauty Products Bag

115 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Korean Beauty Products Bag


Featured Bag of the Day - 115 Korean Beauty Product Packaging Bag

The 115 Packaging Bag

If you are catering to a customer base that is concerned with a youthful, clean looking skin, you must reflect these qualities in your packaging. When you package your beauty products in the 115 series of packaging bags from QQ Studio, your brand will instantly have a positive image that projects a playful and soft personality.  

There are several size options in this series, 7 cm x 11.4 cm, 10.7 cm x 13 cm, and 10.7 cm x 15.5 cm. The three sizes come in black, grey, peach, and yellow with playful handwriting design. Other shared features include a triple-layer Aluminum Mylar shell and triple-sealed edges. The 115 is an open-top bag, which when heat sealed is completely airtight and waterproof.


What Makes Them Special?

Featured Bag of the Day - 115 Series Korean Beauty Packaging Bag

The 115 is distinct because of its fun, compelling design. The playful handwriting and doodles on the front project an air of youth and friendliness that customers are sure to be drawn to. The different color options also work with this theme. The soft, pastel yellow and peach are easy on the eyes, great for fruit-themed beauty products. The grey and black colors are slightly more formal and perfect for charcoal-based beauty products. The range of sizes for this series makes them suitable for a variety of different sized beauty supplies. 


What Do You Recommend Storing in Them?

Featured Bag of the Day - 115 Series Korean Beauty Packaging Bag

Face masks, spot patches, and other Korean beauty products are the perfect match for the 115 series. Collagen masks, bubble masks, mud masks, rubber masks, and jaw lift masks to name a few. Other products that would benefit from the 115’s protection are acne spot patches, collagen eye patches, peeling gels, essences, exfoliating pads, and cleansing pads. The peach and yellow-colored bags are ideal for vitamin E masks or masks with citrus fruit essences. The black and grey are optimal for products infused with activated charcoal or mud. 


What Protections Do They Offer?

Featured Bag of the Day - 115 Series Korean Beauty Packaging Bag

The exteriors of the packages are coated in metalized Mylar which helps protect from UV damage and water exposure. The inside of the bags is lined with aluminum which will keep the contents moist and prevent anything from drying out. Altogether the bag is about 4.5 mils thick, tough enough to withstand travel and any abrasion or stress put onto the package.


What Are Some Ideal Settings For These Bags?

Stores that provide products for health and beauty would be a great host for the 115 series. Anthropology, Sephora, and Urban Outfitters all currently have products packaged in bags that are similar to the 115. However, the 115 offers a better design and higher quality construction. This durability would also be positive when shipping products in this packaging as you can be sure that the stress of transportation will not affect the contents.


One Last Thing

Face masks for skincare are getting more popular every day. There are many different brands and products competing for customers, so you are going to need a way to stand out. Stop relying on just on your logo and graphics to generate aesthetic value, use packaging bags that also have character.

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