228 Series Featured Bag of the Day Holographic Craft Bags

228 Series Featured Bag of the Day Holographic Craft Bags


Featured Bag of the Day - 228 Series Holographic Bags

Consider your experience walking along and browsing the shelves of a craft store. Imagine the sea of plain labels and boring bags that line the walls. Now imagine a golden, holographic package shining out of this sea like the first star at night. This is the effect that the 228 packaging bag will have.

If gold is too bold, the 228 also comes in a silver holographic finish. The window display on the front shows the contents of our bags while framing it with a visually compelling holographic pattern. The dimension is 10 cm x 15 cm, and the bag features a hang hole so that it can be hung on shelves. The zip-lock opening can be sealed and opened with ease, the rounded corners give the package a soft and elegant feel. The crimping around the edges of the bag adds another layer of texture and visual interest.


What Makes Them Special?

 Featured Bag of the Day - 228 Series Holographic Bags

The 228 utilizes one of the most visually compelling designs that we offer at QQ Studio. The holographic, geometric, pattern will move and change depending on the angle that you view them from. You will struggle to find another packaging bag that is this animated. That alone would be enough to make the 228 stand out, but the bag's shape and crimped edges separate it from the traditionally flat and hard-edged bags you see on shelves.

While the bag's design may be ostentatious, it is all in service of highlighting the supplies packaged within. This Polyethylene layer is completely see-through but is still thick enough to offer protection. The other side is 1.75 mils thick Mylar foil that is resistant to light.


What Do You Recommend Storing in Them?

Featured Bag of the Day - 228 Series Holographic Bags

Craft supplies and other art-related products would be best stored in the 228. Since the packaging inspires creativity, materials like buttons, pins, patches, stickers, ribbons, feathers, googly eyes, glitter, sequins, beads, and miniatures would be a great fit. DIY supplies placed into a 228 promise beautiful results and inspire creative ideas. Any craft accessories or art supplies could benefit from the metallic flash that our bags provide.


What Protections Do They Offer?

Featured Bag of the Day - 228 Series Holographic Bags

The polyethylene and the 1.75 mils Mylar foil work together to secure the contents from any damages that threaten your product during the travel process. The zip-lock opening seals the bag tightly but can be opened with ease. The thick polyethylene plastic used in these bags construction is ideal for sturdy and non-perishable products. Triple sealed edges keep the bag together and resistant to tears and rips. Both our Mylar and plastic are guaranteed to keep your products intact and displayed wonderfully.


What Are Some Ideal Settings For These Bags?

These bags would fit right in while also standing out on the shelves of craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts. Stationery stores like Hallmark, Paper Source, or Papyrus would be an ideal place for the type of products best suited for these bags. Our bags are also great for online markets and retail on sites like Etsy or Amazon. There is no shortage of families and artists that will appreciate our holographic design.

Why the 228 is Great

Creative customers want creative packaging. If you play it safe and stick with boring clear plastic bags with no character, you risk losing sales to the more innovative business. Think outside the box and store your craft supplies in exciting, bold packaging bags.

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