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224 Series Featured Bag - Display Bags For Phone Accessories

Posted on July 28 2020

Featured Bag of the Day: Display Bags for Phone Accessories

Flat ziplock bags are flexible, secure, and reusable. The flat style allows the bags to bend and move with your products instead of against them. The ziplock can be opened and closed multiple times, so customers can store your products inside of the bags when the products are not in use.

Our 224 series flat ziplock bags are designed with your products in mind. The strong ziplock provides an air-tight barrier between your products and the surrounding environment. These bags come in black and white and in sizes 7.5x12cm and 10x15cm to store products in a minimalistic fashion.


What Makes Them Special?

Display Bags with Butterfly Style Hanghole for Phone Accessories

Our 224 series flat ziplock bags have many exceptional characteristics. One of these characteristics is that these bags have a butterfly hang hole. This makes it possible to hang these bags up on pegs in various retail settings.

Another exceptional characteristic is the style of the bags. Whether in black or white, each bag comes with a border that frames a clear window. This style allows your product to be in the front and center for consumers to see. Furthermore, the clear window makes it easy for potential customers to identify what product you are selling without needing to open the bag.


What Do You Recommend Storing in Them?

Display Bags for Phone Accessories

Our 224 series flat ziplock bags would be perfect for storing various mobile phone accessories. You can store iPhone charger adapters, Apple Airpod earphones, Bluetooth earpieces, headphone jack adapters, car chargers, Samsung smartphone USB cables, auxiliary cables, and many more electronic accessories. The simple yet effective style of the bags will have your products stand out.


What Protections Do They Offer?

Display Bags for Phone Accessories

The polyethylene plastic material offers strong protection against harmful elements. Moisture and debris will be blocked from damaging your electronic products. As a result, customers will receive non-defective electronic accessories that still look brand new.


What Are Some Ideal Settings For These Bags?

With the time we’re in now, technology is everything and everywhere. This is no different when it comes to phones and the accessories that go with them. Electronics are heavily used by consumers and are available just about everywhere. A few locations that electronic accessories stored in our 224 series bags can be sold at department stores, electronic stores, mobile phone stores, drugstores, mall kiosks, and even online marketplaces.



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