124 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Colorful Heavy Duty Coffee Bags

124 Series Featured Bag of the Day - Colorful Heavy Duty Coffee Bags

124 Series: Product Packaging for Drip Coffee
At QQ Studio, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide variety of packaging bags for their products. This empowers our customers with more choices so you can be sure to find the perfect packaging bag for you! A great example of this is our 124 series open-top bags.
Our 124 series bags are available in black, red, white, gold, blue, purple, and pink! The dimensions of the bags are 10x12cm or 3.93x4.72in. The open-top style makes these bags easy to fill, and the tear notches make it easy for your customers to open the bags with just their hands. The smooth matte finish gives these bags a professional look.


What Makes Them Special?

The 124 series bags are a whopping 5 mils thick! The thickness of the aluminum and mylar material makes these bags resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, these bags are able to provide a thick layer of protection between your products and forces that can cause physical damage.

124 Series: Product Packaging for Drip Coffee

The 124 series bags have a unique design on the front and back of the bags! The front of the bag has a drawing of a hot cup of coffee with the word “Coffee” centered underneath it. The back of the bag has three-step instructions on how to brew a cup of coffee using the drip coffee method. This is valuable information that a customer may want to have.


What Can They Hold?

124 Series: Product Packaging for Drip Coffee

Though it may be obvious at this point, we suggest storing coffee beans or ground coffee in these bags. The design of these bags will make it clear to your customers what you are selling. You can store Arabica coffee beans, Robusta coffee beans, or even Liberica coffee beans. Subsequently, you can ground up coffee beans of your choice to make ground coffee to sell instead. Our 124 series bags can hold about an ounce of coffee beans and 2.8 ounces of ground coffee.


What Protections Do They Offer?

124 Series: Product Packaging for Drip Coffee

The fusion of the aluminum and Mylar material will defend your products in multiple ways. Both aluminum and Mylar are impermeable to moisture and gases, so your coffee products will not spoil or become stale. Additionally, our 124 series bags are double-sided, so your coffee products will also be protected from the effects of UV light and sunlight.


What Are Some Ideal Settings For These Bags?

Just like water and tea, coffee is a popular beverage consumed worldwide. Consumers can drink coffee for a needed boost of energy or because of the wonderful flavor. No matter the reason, consumers enjoy being able to drink coffee in multiple places. Coffee stored in our 124 series bags can be sold at coffee shops, grocery stores, malls, espresso bars, cafes, online marketplaces, or even at-home businesses.

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