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Featured Bag of The Day: 108 - Hair Care Sample Bags

Posted on July 21 2020


Hair Care Samples Done Right with Our Featured Bag of the Day

The 108, Hair Care Samples Done Right

You have a quality hair care product that you know if the public gave a chance, they would go crazy for. But, in today’s oversaturated market it seems like there’s only so much you can do to stand out. However, all you need to do is invest in sample distribution to promote your product and the public will be hooked. Free samples are a quick and easy way to gain loyal customers. But, distributing these samples can be a challenge. How are you going to package a sample bottle of shampoo with the newspaper or a magazine? You can’t, so ditch the bottle and start looking at the 108 packaging bag.


The Look


The Look of Hair Care Sample Packaging Bags

Simple, clean, and professional, this open-top packaging bag is the companion you have been looking for to store your hair care product samples. With its elegant pink matte finish, it will give a first impression that will convert consumers over to your product. On crowded shelves or amidst noisy advertisements, quiet is the new loud. The soft, matte pink of the 108 gives the impression of a quality product.


The Specs

Specifications of Pink Packaging Pouches for Hair Care Samples

3 Mils of thickness is what our bags provide. This is more than enough protection to keep the samples undamaged during their travel. The package is constructed of Metallic Foil/Mylar, and once heat sealed will prevent any and all gases, liquids, or sunlight from contaminating your product. Two tear notches have been added to allow easy package opening. The perfect size for shampoo, conditioner, or hair gel sample packaging is around 6 cm x 9 cm, which coincidentally is the size of the 108. The other feature worth mentioning is the triple-sealed edges of the package that keep it together and the contents secure. If you are going to be mailing out your samples you are going to need the packaging to be durable enough to withstand being bent, squeezed, and man-handled by postal workers. An inferior product could burst and leak its contents all over the place.


The Risks  

Risks of Hair Care Sample Products

As anyone in the hair care industry knows, shampoos, conditioners, and most beauty products are not imperishable. Soaps and gels lose their effectiveness if they aren’t stored properly. Exposure to sunlight and moisture can turn what was once a lavender-scented shampoo into a mold scented slime. Oils become rancid due to oxidation and exposure to heat and light. Shampoo and conditioner are environments perfect for growing bacteria, molds, and funguses. If this occurs, the bacteria grown can cause scalp infections. The double-sided Mylar of our packaging bag prevents this process from occurring and preserves your product for however long it takes to reach the consumer.


The Final Point


Pink Packaging Pouches for Hair Care Sample Products

If you are trying to spread brand awareness you should be sending out free samples of your product in the mail and providing them in supermarket and retail stores. This is an investment that is sure to result in increased sales after the consumer has given your product a chance. If those samples are packaged in a 108, you can rest easy knowing that your product is wrapped up securely and is presented in a clean and professional fashion.



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