213 Series Featured Bag - Anti-Static Bags for Electronics

213 Series Featured Bag - Anti-Static Bags for Electronics


213 Series - Anti-Static Product Packaging for Electronics

Flat ziplock bags are a beginner-friendly option for storing your products. To safely store your products, it is as easy as filling the bags with your products and sealing the zipper by hand. Flat zip lock bags are also reusable, so your customers have the option to continuously store your product when it is not in use.

Our 213 flat ziplock bags offer security and flexibility. The strong zip lock will keep your products in place while the flat structure of the bag allows it to move with your products. The glossy and transparent gray finish will display your products through the packaging while also giving them an attractive sheen.


What Makes Them Special?

213 Series - Anti-Static Product Packaging for Electronics

The 213 flat ziplock bags have many characteristics that make them exceptional for storing your products. First, these bags are made of polyethylene plastic with a metallic film coating. The metallic film coating gives these bags strong anti-static properties.

Another exceptional characteristic of these bags is that they come in a variety of sizes. The sizes of our 213 series bags range from 6x9cm to 15x23cm. A few of the sizes that we offer even come in wider variations. For example, these bags come in a tall size of 10x15cm and a wider variation size of 14x15cm. This vast variety of sizes allows these bags to store thin and tall products as well as thick and long products.


What Do You Recommend Storing in Them?

213 Series - Anti-Static Product Packaging for Electronics

Due to the anti-static properties that our 213 series bags have, we suggest using them to store electronic component products for circuitry. These products include resistors, capacitors, transistors, and inductors. These electronic component products are susceptible to having electricity flow between them, which can cause powerful electric shocks that can permanently damage them. Our anti-static 213 series bags will prevent this from happening by inhibiting the buildup of electronic charges caused by friction between the products.


What Protections Do They Offer?

213 Series - Anti-Static Product Packaging for Electronics

In addition to the anti-static protection, these bags also protect your products from damaging external elements. The polyethylene plastic material provides a barrier between your electronic component products and moisture, humidity, and debris. Your products will remain clean, operable, and ready to use by your customers.

What Are Some Ideal Settings For These Bags?

Electronic component products are sold in various locations. These locations include appliance part stores, electronic part supplier stores, computer stores, electronic stores, and even online marketplaces. Stored in our 213 series bags, your electronic components will be protected for extended periods of time in multiple settings.

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